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What Can I Do Better On My Blog?

  1. technologyunit

    I have been working on this video blog for the last month but my views are still lacking. could you tell me what you think. I have add media buttons add my posts to Stumble upon (generates around 2 views a day.) and Delicious (1 view every other day or so) I get around 27 views a day and around 30 on weekends. I have put hours of work and need some advice to get more traffic improve my SEO and user interface. I have created a facebook page and I am posting updates. I would like to know what experienced bloggers are doing to improve there views and user satisfaction. Note for those of you taking a look at my blog there is a sticky asking all visitors to spread the word you all don't apply to this unless you want to an think that It will help...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    The Questions Forum is the best place to ask a question related to The Showcase Forum is the best place to promote your blog and ask for feedback on it. I have flagged this thread so our Moderators move it for you.

  3. Hi there!

    This thread is now part of the showcase forum...


  4. technologyunit

    Thanks, I guess you could say that I was asking the wrong questions. All the same I would like some help getting noticed. I have been considering purchasing a domain.

  5. technologyunit

    Well all the same I would love to get some feedback though. I having to do this but bump.

  6. I think the overall layout and design is excellent, the content is useful. You might be thinking in your mind that you can do so much more, but when you actually have a problem, you will find a solution to make the site better. I think it's fantastic, but only time and good content make a blog more popular.

  7. What Can I Do Better On My Blog?

    2 Words - NAKED CHICKS

    Your Welcome :)

  8. technologyunit

    Lookitsbray: LOL I think thats illegal for me....

    noignorance: thanks for the advice. I work hard on it but I keep getting the feeling that I need to be writing more... but that is hard because of the fact that I have no time after producing the videos...

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