What can i do on a page/category?

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    I am confused about the difference between a page and a category. I just need a basic description of each one! Please help someone!!!



    http://faq.wordpress.com should be a good place to start.



    (1) A category is akin to a subject heading used in libraries like Gardening. Under that Gardening subject heading one could have sub-categories like Gardening – vegetables and Gardening – flowers. Categories define the topical subjects that are covered in your posts through the use of key words in the title for example “My Back Yard Garden”; in the subject headings within the post like “Flower Beds” and “Vegetable Plots”. And in the body of the post “hanging baskets”, “shade plants”, “fertilizer”, “compost”, etc.

    (2) Pages are informational posts that contain static contents that you do not intend to update frequently. For example in a gardening blog one page may be a list of vegetables and the specific conditions or types of fertilizers they require. Another page might do the same for flowers. Still another page in a gardening blog may feature images and descriptions of specific gardening tools. And another page may contain a calendar that relates how long it takes a given vegetable seed to mature into a plant ready for harvest.

    I’m aware the FAQs doesn’t explain this and I could use a better analogy to explain if I knew what you intended to blog about but I hope this gives you an idea of the different uses for the two.

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