What can I use if I DO want to monetize a website?

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    I want to start a website using a cool, easy-to-use template software that has lots of available plug-ins / apps, etc.
    I was told to use WordPress because it’s not only for blogging, but you can also use it to design websites.
    But upon reading further I see that WordPress does not allow me to place ads on my own site, and not only that but THEY will place ads on MY site.
    Yikes !!!!!!
    Not going to work for me.
    Is there another software I could use, even if I have to pay for it, OR, is there a PAID version of WordPress I can purchase that will allow me to place ads on my own site and completely control my own content?

    Thanks Very Much for any advice.


    Yes, you can self-host and use WordPress.org software which is probably what you should be doing anyway. This is WordPress.com which is different. People often get confused, so don’t feel bad about it – instead, read this:


    and then take yerself off to this place instead:


    and we’re just volunteers here so if you have wordpress.org related questions, (ie, ads, plugins, javascript, etc) the wordpress.org forum is the place to ask ’em, because they’ll know what we don’t.

    By the way, the ads that they place on blogs here are to pay for the site being free for us. It’s a bummer, but there you are.


    Ah HA……Thanks VERY much : )))) You just made my day !!! : ))))) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

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