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What can you take off your bucket list?

  1. I'm giving this a try b/c its good therapy to get thru life doing 'feel good' stuff. Big or Small - but it all counts and making a difference - just for you!
    here are some of mine:
    -vacation at the Grand Canyon.
    -talked my way out of a speeding ticket
    -cooked a fabulous meal -unplanned - at the last minute-and it WAS tasty!
    -raised a responsible child

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I actually find bucket list an overused term.

    And I'm not one of these individuals that has a mental checklist in my head for all the things I want to accomplish in life. I don't like being that robotic about "achieving a whole list".

    Don't talk your way out of speeding ticket. Own that mistake and pay for it. You sped and could have hit ....a cyclist who did observe the road rules or a pedestrian. I was hit as a pedestrian by speeding car when I was walking into the intersection on a green light.

    Raising a responsible child is very important.

    There are only 4-5 things long term I want to achieve, so the list is too small to qualify for a whole bucket of 'must havaes".

    And all the rest (smaller things), if it happens great, if not it is not the end of the world. I like to be prepared best for the unknown and with the best attitude possible.

    Only my basic needs to be met:

    To live in a safe, warm and peaceful place.
    To always have healthy food to prepare for meals.
    To stay healthy as best as possible (that's why I bike).
    To give to my community ...(right now, I'm not which is not typical).
    To have fun and share with a few close friends/family.
    To create things that express the essence of me --whether it's a blog, painting, etc.

    Yes, I've travelled etc....alot and probably have seen many areas of Canada and U.S. in ways others have not. Cycling allows me to do this and get into areas where a car cannot. (and this is not even the woods/forest all the time). Do I need to go to a ton of exotic places overseas? I've done some of this, ...but even living a certain life in Canada can be "different" than a typical European based life, depending on a person's family background...knowing 2 different languages is of immense value to expand one's world.

  3. maid - boy, thats deep. it was meant to be fun. the speeding tkt
    would have been for going 3 miles over the speed limit. I really
    think the cop was just having a really bad day. As far as owning
    up to my mistakes, well, that's a responsibility that I take on
    without hesitation. You're grown up now, hopefully, so the one
    thing I can say about your response, is that you should not
    analyse the person on the other end; there's probably more to
    a story than just a few lines typed in a blog.

    any way, have fun finding your few things you want to achieve in
    your life; let's not make in complicated.

  4. @rebeck4
    I'm like maidiebike. I do not need, do not want and have no use for a bucket list. As a longtime blogger, I won't hesitate to tell you that any attemtp to control responses posted into any threads you create here will be futile.

    Despite that fact that the blog linked top your username has no blogger created content, maidiebike's honest and authentic response to your question brought forward this from you:

    You're grown up now, hopefully, so the one thing I can say about your response, is that you should not analyse the person on the other end; there's probably more to a story than just a few lines typed in a blog.

    Not impressed.

  5. It's never occurred to me to make a bucket list. I hope not to kick it (any bucket, really) for rather a long time. As for things I want to do, I take 'em as they come. Apart from getting out of an urban environment and into a rural one, there's been very little I've actually planned in advance.

    You're gonna find a lot of different responses on these forums - as you will in any forum. Don't take it personally.

  6. As for things I want to do, I take 'em as they come.

    That has been my philosophy. I've been soooo blessed to have had some incredible experiences, the experience just happened at the right time, right place in life. Sometimes it was an event, sometimes it was an opportunity which one has develop a strong gut instinct and just act on choosing the right opportunity --hopefully.

    Bucket lists just don't work for many of life's biggest, most rewarding surprises.

    But there can be major tragedies and this for certain, completely trashes a bucket list.

  7. As an example: A local cyclist who was experienced and very instrumental in cycling advocacy efforts in gettting better bike lanes, facilties for cyclists, became paralyzed

    He smashed onto the ground when he was up in the air paragliding, another favourite sport of his.

    He is now a quadriplegic, wheelchair bound. He is a father of 1 daughter and married.

    In one of my blogs, I have a photo of him just 12 months ago, taking of him....standing by a cycling information table, waving happily at us.

    Life is shockingly cruel. No bucket list will help anyone here in advance.

  8. I don't have a so called bucket list for the same reason I haven't made a will.......I don't want to tempt Fate. Lol.

  9. Wow, what a helluvan unexpected downer of a thread.

  10. Appreciate the comment, raincoaster. I don't have time to look at this clip since I'm about to start work.

    But a better topic thread might be instead:

    A gratitude thread.

    A bucket list inevitably can start comparisons against another person's bucket list of accomplishments. It's not good for making others feel good.

  11. While I agree with me (!), and with maidibike, this topic was started by someone with the best of intentions (I think) and a lot people do regard bucket lists as entertaining, so why don't we just leave the topic to others who enjoy bucket lists?

  12. The top item on my bucket list is an actual bucket. I left mine at the zoo, and I need to remember to get it back.

  13. Holy cow, you people are intense. I don't necessarily have a bucket list but there are things I'd like to do. If I don't do them, it won't ruin my life. If my list is silly compared to someone else's, I won't let it ruin my day. So here's my silly list.

    1. Write a novel. (Write, not publish. First things first.)
    2. Travel outside the US.
    3. Go a full week without putting my foot in my mouth. (The one I will most likely never accomplish.)

  14. I do believe in bucket lists, simply because I compare it to have goals. Not intense life-changing goals, but lighter ones. The items on my bucket list are meant to bring joy and happy memories. Here are a some I can take off:

    1. Visit Disneyland
    2. Bike from Seatlle to Portland (STP)
    3. Visit Egypt

  15. I really loved the film, especially the part where they were sitting on top of the pyramid;
    mind you since I saw Evan Almighty I also want God to be like Morgan Freeman, I do :D

  16. Every day of living should erase your bucket list - or could, if you choose to see it that way, I guess. Today, I lived - and some days, that is enough.

  17. becomingcliche I like your style.

  18. @melodylowes, brilliant answer. :)

  19. @absurdoldbird Why, thank you! Can I quote you on that? I do, after all,currently live with 2 teenagers, at whom I have been wont to assert in a high-pitched whine, "I have a degree, you know!"

  20. @becomingcliche

    I ♥ your answers.

  21. @melodylowes - indeed you can! :)

  22. I'll let you know how you do... :)

  23. The only thing on my bucket list is: "Take my enemies with me when I go."

  24. @absurdoldbird - You flopped on the first try. Sorry. Was it my tone? :)

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