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What Catogory Gives More Visitors

  1. Hello Blogger World !!!

    What Category Gives more Visitors ? I like to write on Music, Films Quotes etc.. From your experience, can you tell me what all categories will help to get more visitors ?

  2. Well, dirty words are always good for hits, but you might want to try Celebrities. People love to read about celebrities, and they are an integral part of what you write about.

  3. Depends. For one of my blogs, it's:

    Using incorrect tags for your posts will probably do more harm than good though.

  4. If you go here: qyou can see what tags get the most posting activity.

    Those will be the most active, and most often changed and will be the hardest to stay in the list of most recent posts.

    Since they indicate what people are writing about, they may also indicate what people are reading about.

    Tag your post categories with what the posts are about. If you provide useful and worthwhile contant, people will visit and read and return.

  5. Created a bunch of categories originally to organize the content of my site better for my readers. I use some of the more popular tags but these specific tags attract more visitors. Use the appropriate tags and people will find you.

  6. Keep your tags simple. Like 'news', 'life', 'politics', etc. Don't link two things together (eg, Earth and the Environment')

  7. Because you cover industries, you might also want to make tags for companies within that field, like networks (tag shows from that network) or music companies. This will probably help industry people find you, and won't be of much value to fans, but it's not a bad idea; PRs always want to know what the blogs are saying.

  8. Podz discusses overkill if anyone is interested on the subject.

  9. thank u all for your replies :)

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