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What chatbox that works on wordpress?

  1. I just started using wordpress few months back and i must say, i'm quite impressed with the simple features they have and also user-friendly. The problem is that i can't add a tagboard widget aka chatbox. I've tried shoutmix, chatbox, chat tango, flashbox and a few more which i cant seem to remember the names but seriously, does wordpress only accept Meebo ? Those that i mentioned earlier do not work on wordpress. Blogger, tumblr and onsugar users do not encounter any of these problems though.

  2. Meebo. All of the others are stripped out for security reasons; we have elevated security levels here, so you can't use most iframe, embed, flash, or javascript codes.

    You can check these two out, not sure if they still work or not:

  3. Sure! A quick check of other threads on "chatbox" tag turned this up:

  4. There are 3 I know of aside from meebo and the ones you have named currently working on blogs.

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