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What constitutes as pornography?

  1. So in my quest to have a new blog, part porn part gossip, I came across this disclaimer at a blog hosting site:

    Commercial Pornography. We do not permit the hosting of sites that exist for the primary purpose of garnering commercial traffic through pornography. Such sites tend to take up a disproportionate amount of resources. In order to maintain a free and open service for the majority of our users, we choose to forbid commercial pornography.

    Would Playboy-esque type of pictures be considered as porn or do you think that it would be okay for a commercial blog at this blog host?

  2. In the U.S. I believe the key legal case for defining pornography may be Miller v. California in 1973 but I think you'd want to confirm that by annotating the case law from 1973 forwards to date. This link is just to an essay

    Why not send an email to the web host that you are considering and ask them straight out?

    But I believe the key word here is not pornography it's "commercial" (for purposes of financial gain). So the way I read what you posted is that you can post porno but not for the purposes of making a financial gain.

  3. Well, I think if it's censored (i.e., black lines, star-over-stuff) that it's not actual porno. It's still disturbing, but not pornographic.

  4. *chuckle* I so do not want to get into this as I host an "adult content provider" if you catch my meaning.

  5. Okay, it's Blogger. But I can't find an email and I forgot what the email was when I emailed them ages ago after they labeled my old blog a "spam blog".

  6. *chuckle* I so do not want to get into this as I host an "adult content provider" if you catch my meaning.

    What do you mean?

  7. I think drmike means he has a porn blog.

  8. drmike, please don't get upset if I'm wrong.

  9. i think drmike means that he's hosting someone else who runs a porn blog.

  10. @nosy
    I strongly believe what drmike means is that as a web host who is an "adult content provider" he has information. He said

    I so do not want to get into this as I host an "adult content provider"...

    This is probably because, as a web host he cannot really do that here at WP because it may be construed as a conflict of interest.

    {Edit: /nod to sulz}

    This is an adult topic thread so maybe it would be best for you to choose not post into it, just in case you mis-interpret what is being said.

  11. This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Maybe I'll do almost nude like FHM type of pictures. Have to think of a name for the blog now.

  12. @TT
    I know, but I'm trying to show my toughness...especially since I have *health* class tomorrow.

  13. @chicablog
    You don't need to be "tough". It's best just to be who you really are. :)

    Also IMO there's nothing wrong with nudity. I don't object to it all. What I object to is being surprised by "nudity plus activity" when I didn't expect to see it.

  14. @nosy
    Partially Exposed?

  15. Nosy, if you're going to go into the erotica online business, you're far better off getting paid hosting with a reliable provider who hasn't got any restrictions on that. Why take the chance that Blogger could destroy your carefully-built site just because you cheap out on starting it? Spend ten or twenty bucks a month and get a good host; if you're going to get paid ads, it will pay for itself in no time. Also, that way you can use software, that you've already got a familiarity with.

  16. It's not about paying every month. It's that I don't know how to host a site myself.

    TT, their privates would be covered but barely. FHM is where celebs go and pose in softcore pictures.

  17. You can pay for hosting that comes with competent tech support; there are plenty of places like that. I'm sure our techies here could recommend such a host, if you can't think of one off the top of your head. It shouldn't be that expensive; should, in fact, pay for itself as soon as you sell ads.

    Also, it occurs to me that you'd be restricting yourself (at the risk of losing the blog at any moment) to only one market segment. Women look at porn, too, but they generally prefer if it has men in it. No way would a nekkid weenie get past Blogger's TOS.

  18. Would tech support be able to go into my blog and take care of anything of catastrophic proportions or will they only tell me what to do myself?

  19. They can do all the maintenance, it just depends what you pay for and agree to. Tech support with web hosting isn't that expensive at all.

  20. What's someone's RSS feed for their site? Is it the url of their site with /feed/ at the end too?

  21. For the most part. Regural wordpress and other WPMu installs, it depends on the permalinks.

  22. How about for

  23. I survived class today. I have no idea how, but I did.

  24. How does that relate to pornography? What do they teach you in schools these days?

  25. And where can rain sign up? ;)

  26. Don't get me started...why, in my day, we had to learn behind the confessional, same as everybody else.

  27. @chicablog
    Did the class you mention that was so difficult to get through today happen to be a Health class?

  28. Nosy, no idea. I'm sure they're got RSS but I can't find it on that site.

    I'd find a real host though. Both so you can do a backup and in case you get ToS'ed.

  29. @nosy
    I really think raincoaster and drmike have given you great advice backed by solid reasons. Running the risk of being ToS'ed by Blogger for the second time especially since the first time wasn't fair is just not worth it. In business you've got to spend money to make money. So spend some cash on a good host, pull out all the stops and aim for the top.

  30. @rain
    Lemme just say...Health class.

    Look up.

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