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What constitutes as pornography?

  1. @chicquita
    Okay so what was disturbing about health class? Was it about human anatomy, reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases or something along those lines?

  2. Well, it was a co-ed class on 'the teen years' if you get my drift.

  3. we all get your drift :) TT is asking for something more specific

  4. @TT
    anatomy, reproduction and 'the teen years'

  5. I still don't unnerstan...Can you be even much more specific. Pichurs?

  6. specific me?

  7. Okay...But would THIS be porn? Or is it pron?

  8. I don't see anything that's even close to it.

  9. Co-ed health classes could probably be pretty squick-inducing, particularly if you're a shy or self-conscious teen.

  10. "Insert Tab A into Slot B," what could be so icky about that? My sister's health class did once have a slight diversion wherein the teacher explained that being "not sexually active" did NOT mean lying very still while doing it, and that neither Saran Wrap nor Coke were effective birth control methods.

  11. Try looking it up on Wikipedia *winks to Rain*

  12. See, if they'd had Wikipedia back then, my sister could have learned all that in the privacy of her own laptop.

  13. *rotflmao* Those of us who grew up on farms didn't have these confusions. We didn't need health classes, manuals or laptops to show us how the parts worked or what the consequences were. ;)

  14. We watched a video, got a book and a 'goody bag', and then I ran for the bathroom.

  15. A "goody bag?" Wow, instant blog post: Guess My Goodies!

  16. @chicablog
    Goody Bag? Are we talking about sanitary products females use for short periods of time on a monthly basis?

  17. '''Wow, instant blog post: Guess My Goodies!'''

    LOL rain

    I thought you weren't speaking to me. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I'd rather not speak about the bag here, but I'm starting a post for ChicaBlog.

  18. @chicquita
    Hey, that was 24 hours ago and this is now. The blog post is a great idea. I'll come over and read it.

  19. @TT:
    Good. I'm sick of arguments. I blog on another WP blog, and there is SO much fighting there!

    I approved your 7.13 comment.

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