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What Did I Do ?

  1. keyboardcombatant

    i had checked out my internet ranking yesterday i.e. i went to BOTD and Google and checked how frequently i appeared. on BOTD, i was something like the 16th fastest growing blog and the 3rd fastest growing english language blog. one of my posts was seven there in the top posts list.

    on google, i was something like second page with a search for "everything else". not bad for a new blog eh ?

    well, an hour later wen i checked back, i was completely off BOTD, no not down the rankings but completely off it. not even one ref to my blog on any list whatsoever !

    on google i wasn't on the first 15 pages and unless i searched for , my link wiuldn't show up !

    What the hell did i do ? did i violate any TOS or something ? i dint post anything illegal or anything like that ? can anyone tell me the reason ?

  2. Google UK 'everythingelse' you are #8

    BOTD - there are 230,000+ blogs here which BOTD goes through. At certain times of the day the site is busier so changes will be more rapid.

    It's not a TOS issue :)

  3. keyboardcombatant

    demoting from 3rd to not on the list in one hour ??? when i've just created a personal record for hits in a day ??

    guess i hadn't tried merging the words. i searched for "everything else" with a space and im now on the 8th page.

  4. One of my blogs is Up and down. You get used to it. :)


    edit: My other one still hasn't been up there yet.

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