What did I do to lose a post?

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    I don’t see any questions in the forums that look like this:

    I think I clicked “publish” to publish a post. I didn’t see the little red flash that comes up when you press “delete,” so I don’t THINK that I accidentally hit the delete button. But…it’s gone.

    This was my second attempt to do the “publish” command. First I thought I clicked “publish” and the post didn’t go up. I figured I must have hit “save” by accident, so I clicked “publish” again. And that’s when [poof!] the post disappeared. I think.

    Tried searching the site for a string I remembered typing into the copy, and nothing came up. I also checked my other blog, just in case I absent-mindedly typed the post at the wrong site…nope.

    If I didn’t stupidly hit delete, then how did I contrive to disappear the thing? I’ll try not to do it again, if someone can clue me to my error.


    You may be able to recover most of your post by going back until you find it, copying the text, creating new and pasting.



    What is the title of the post? What is the URL of your blog? Can you see it under Manage Posts? Have you looked in Google for it?

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