What did you change to make my blog not work?

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    I can no longer post to my blog :-( I’m surprised I can write here. Whatever changes you folks made have left me out in the cold. I have an IBookG4 Mac laptop. It cannot be upgraded to the latest and greatest technology. What have you done to make me unable to use WordPress? Is there a way around it? Do I have to move somewhere else? HELP!!!!!
    Blog url: http://wendyusuallywanders.wordpress.com/


    Whatever you folks did must be the same “upgrade” that Facebook did a while ago. I can no longer post on regular FB, but can by using the mobile version on my computer. Is there a similar work-around that I can do with WordPress?



    Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using? Also, which version of OS X are you running?


    The computer says….

    System Version: Mac OS X 10.3.9 (7W98)
    Kernel Version: Darwin 7.9.0


    The laptop will not let me update the OS and therefore the browsers will not let me update. Too old.

    I can write in the title and comments. I can also click on the html tab and write. Too bad I don’t know html. I just cannot add content in the regular text box now that you folks changed things.

    I am severely bummed :-(



    Oomph, that is significantly out of date.

    Opera 9.64 was the last browser to support 10.3.x. Would you please try downloading it from http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/mac/964/Opera_9.64_Setup.dmg ?


    Thank you for that link. WP works as long as I use Opera….but it takes FOREVER! I wish you folks would give a caveman option (like blogspot does) for us folks still in the stone age of computers. I like Firefox MUCH better.

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