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What did you do before the internet?

  1. I used to think a penguin was either a Batman villain or a well-dressed flightless bird which looks a heck of a lot more graceful swimming than standing around on an ice shelf huddled together with his mom, dad and 300,000 close, personal friends in -70 degree weather.

  2. Honesty, I don't remember.
    That's kind of sad...

  3. If you're 13, the world wide web as they used to call it started to explode in popularity around the year you were born.

  4. Climbed trees, sat in trees, fell from trees. Read a lot more books.

  5. chewypupforever

    Eh when I was little, I didn't realise what the Internet was.
    So basically I was outside playing with my friends and builiding forts, but now its either computer or school crap

  6. Oh yes!. Trees. We had weeping willow trees, they were great for climbing and swinging. I miss that....

  7. You know, I just realized that before the Internet (and I'm old: I really mean before the Internet!) I used to spend $80-120 a month on magazines. With inflation, I'm saving HUGE amounts of money now, relatively speaking.

  8. Me too raincoaster. And various newspapers. (That's before I knew better)

  9. Come on rain, you're still just a pup! Most people in my town didn't even have TV when I was little, and when you finally got one, it was black and white and only got one channel: BCTV - now wait, they used to just call it Channel 8. CBC came in so fuzzy, we didn't bother. On some days we'd get Channel 12 Bellingham strong enough to watch without giving yourself a headache after five minutes.

  10. Dude, I used to watch the Glenn Campbell Show and The Mod Squad. We ONLY got CBC.

    But thanks for the reminder, everyone. Since it's currently taking me FOUR HOURS on average to put up a blog post, I'm going to read my nice shiny new hardcover book.

  11. The Mod Squad and Glen Campbell were on Channel 8! I swear they were. All in the Family was on CBC every Friday at eight. We also watched Hee-Haw and the Pig and Whistle and Don Messer's Jubilee, though even back then we thought Don was for weenies. My Dad liked it.

  12. What about Tommy Hunter and Tom Jones? I feel like I'm having flashbacks. Oh my now I'm remembering Sha Na Na...and I don't think it's a good thing.

  13. Oh yes, watched both of those. And Mission Impossible. My parents used to put me to bed early and let me wake up at 11 to watch it.

  14. Well, I was a kid back when there was no internet, I think when I was seven in 2001 I was already surfing the net. I loved reading and school(yeah.. but look at me now, I hate it..) and I watched lots of infomercials and cartoons and played lots of computer games for kids that my dad used to buy me..

  15. Voted for Al Gore......

  16. Watched Beavis and Butthead and used to wake up at 3 a.m., go outside and look at the lights of the city from the hill The Jon used to live on .... aaaawwwwwwww.

  17. Before we got the internet I was busy taking care of the first two kids, who were small. Before that, I guess I was busy working to pay rent, since I moved out on my own at 17. Before that, I was a kid in Saskatchewan who remembers when we only had CBC and CTV and the big deal was watching Bugs Bunny on Saturday (Black and White tv) and Flintstones at noon every weekday. And I am old enough that as a kid, I used to help my mom wash clothes with her wringer washer... and hang them to dry because we didn't have a dryer.

    Tommy Hunter... lol. I totally remember that. OMG, The Pig and Whistle. You guys are killing me.

  18. I always wanted to grow up to be one of those dancers on the Pig & Whistle. Imagine my horror when I got to Vancouver in 1981 to discover it was boarded up. Has been boarded up ever since, actually, and the front is covered with grafitti. Aw, how the mighty have fallen.

  19. I remember playing a lot of "team sports" focused around the throwing of various balls.

  20. I also (forgive me) listened to a lot of "Operation Mindcrime." :)

  21. I did everything I do now.

    I first got online about ten years ago, though, and it was a really liberating experience for me. I have a severe physical disability, and whilst it's never got in the way as such, getting online certainly allowed me to do things I’d done BI (Before Internet) far more efficiently. I’m a writer, for example, so things like research, communicating with fellow writers etc became so much easier.

    Plus it meant I could annoy even MORE people :-)

    So, basically, I did the things I do now, only with a lot less ease and panache ;-)

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