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What did you dream last night?

  1. yourdreamjournal


    What did you dream last night?

    I'm starting a new anonymous online community inspired by PostSecret called Your Dream Journal and I'd love to hear your dreams.

    The community is and I'll update it every Sunday starting this weekend with new anonymous dreams.

    There are no restrictions on form, style or content. You can write a letter, make a video, a collage, a painting, anything. Just send your dreams to [email redacted] or leave an anonymous comment on the main page of the site and I’ll post them!


  2. I left my response.

  3. The same dream I've had for ages.

    Mr. Rabbit...floppy ears...Chrsitmas hat.

  4. i usually don't remember :(

  5. The last time I remember my dream I blogged it. It was about me having a funny conversation with a white goat.

  6. I mean goat. Animal.

  7. I dreamt about killing my grandfather. I just read Wolverine: Origin so I guess I have that to blame.

  8. yourdreamjournal

    very cool!

    If you guys are interested you can submit anonymously on the site.

    Also, join the facebook group and invite your friends! The more people we get involved in this the more interesting the result!


  9. This is so cool. I'm totally posting anonymous though, it would be too embarrassing to reveal my true identity! ^^ My dreams are... too surreal.

  10. my roomie told me she dreamed last night we were in a time travel machine but we weren't very good at operating it. lol

  11. One of my friends started his own dream journal, actually. His only problem was that he didn't know whether he should blog his dirty dreams or not.

  12. Wettest and wildest dream I've had -- I was drowning in some river as I woke up. Bleh!

  13. The craziest dream I had was in high school. I dreamed that I was at the prom and some robbers overtook the prom. Everyone was hiding under the tables. The robbery got me from under the table, bent me over with a gun pointed towards my stomach. Then he made me do a crossword puzzle, knowing that I suck at crossword puzzles I panicked and he shot me in my stomach :o
    It was so weird cause I could actually feel it while I was sleeping :o

  14. I once dreamt about sleeping with... ah! Nevermind. He's lousy anyway.

  15. Who? I want to know so I dont sleep with them. I do recommend sleeping with Tyrese and Justin Timberlake, either seperately or at the same time is good. :P

  16. Nick Carter.
    (I can hear somebody is laughing somewhere)

  17. yeah, and that was me

  18. He's fat now. And apparently their whole family has been to jail.

  19. I was only 17 when he did that to me. And I was a virgin, a Nick Carter huge hater. And he took away my virginity with a one-shot-and-I'm-done kind of sex in MY dream. Clever! I can't sue him for that!

  20. That was me laughing. Sorry. Confession: I had a big crush on Donny Osmond at one time.

    Weird this question should pop up. Tomorrow the geeks in Vancouver are doing a volunteer effort to fix our very broken website and I dreamed about that. I also dreamed about leaving a party with a particularly hot man in the presence of another man who'd...well, never mind what he did but he deserved to witness that.

    Also: murder. Dreamed about murder. I must say, Black Dahlia Avenger, the true crime book, does NOT make for restful bedtime reading.

  21. I don't even know who Nick Carter is....but I have a feeling after I google search his image I'll either be dreaming or night terroring about him :P

  22. Well, I hope you had nightmare about Carter...that guy is ugly, and a wanna be thug

    I recently had a dream that I was at a club and everyone was slapping me on my ass...and I liked it :)
    But then I fell down a drain and landed on lollipops, which is way better then having a whole bunch of people slapping my ass.

  23. I dreamed I was I was giving a lecture in a room with alot of people. turns out i was in my underwear.
    I think I got nervous. then I remembered the old thing about imagining everyone in their underwear, when one is shy about about public speaking. So next thing, everyone was in there underwear... so it was cool.

  24. I remember my friend, an American woman. I used to tell her my dreams and she would interpret it for me. Her dream interpretation was... amazing! I miss her...

  25. yesterday I dreamt that my boyfriend and i were on this adventure trip and it was really exciting and fun until our boat overturned and we swam to the shore :( almost became shark bait!

  26. Cool, cause I had a dream that I a well-known scientist who was on an expedition in search for new marine species. Our boat crashed and had to swim to a nearby deserted Island. Only me and the two guys I was cheating on survived and then...well, the rest is history ;)

    btw I only had two boyfriends in my dreams not in real life

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