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What Did You Get For Christmas?

  1. Well, Christmas is over for another year (well in England anyway, you Americans have a few more hours) and I'd thought it'd be awesome if you post what you got for Christmas!

    Off my parents I got £100, Hugo Boss aftershave (which I cleverly worked out with my shaking the present skills) and wireless bluetooth headphones.

    Off my brother and sister in law I got a sweet ass looking watch, my other watch was recently destroyed and the others I had before were battered and needed a new battery, so this was an awesome present. (And I then was told to "help my self to some crunchies" so I took a whole crap load!

    Off my brothers next door neighbours, because for some reason they love me that much they felt the need to buy me presents haha, I got sweets (NOM), a funny calender and a model aeroplane (made out of foam haha, it's awesome)

    And off my girlfriend I got a Mr. Tickle (From the Mr. Men) mug, a calender filled with photos from my past year and the best present I have recieved by far, Noel Gallacher and the High Flying Birds tickets for Feb! I've always wanted to see Oasis live and then they split up and I was gutted, but I did get to see Liam Gallacher's Beady Eye in Leeds Festival and now I get to complete my life by seeing Noel live too!

    Plus my cousin is coming up tomorrow with her children, I'm expecting more aftershave/deodrant so that pretty much rounds out my XMas pressies!

    I'll post pictures when all the madness is over! What did you get?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My Oldest Sister got me some awesome Flanel Pajama Pants, ha

    Lots of sweets

    My Mom and my other sister got me a Captain America Throw Blanket, lol I'm still not sure what to make of it... Though he is one of my Heroes, especially as a kid... I feel a bit odd having it on my Bed, lol... So far it's my Cat's New Favorite Place to sleep... So I'm happy about that, lol

    Got some cash, which I'm using to Print my First Ever Copies of my New Short Poetry Book, which will have 16 of my Poems in it... These are really Tester Printings, just to see them in Print... I have yet to decide Where I shall do the Final Printing... Perhaps I'll start a Thread about LuLu, who I'm not using for these, but have considered using in the future.

    Lots of other little things as well


  3. theinsanityaquarium

    I got a cardigan with some sheep on it, and a furry penguin soft toy. Win! I also got far too many sweets. I am going to get so fat and it's going to be awesome.

  4. I got love! :)

    This Christmas was a bit tight financially due to our legal bills and airfares and school uniforms and books and and and...................

    but we did all spend a bit at the Boxing Day sales, so I guess we all got something indirectly!

    Love is the best gift!!!

  5. theinsanityaquarium

    Love is definitely the best gift! I wouldn't say no to cake either.

  6. kennethmarkhoover

    I got some sheet music, a Kindle Fire, slippers and headphones. :)

  7. My husband gave me 2 nun dolls, each about 3 inches high. They wind up by dragging them backwards on a flat surface. Let them go and watch them race!

  8. I also got sheet music, some wedge heels and boots, and a gift certificate to the spa!

    The best gift of all was my parents babysitting all 5 of the kids so I could go with a friend to watch Breaking Dawn (I love those stupid, God-awful movies!), have coffee, and go to the bookstore. We giggled like 13-year-old girls all day long. It was truly wonderful. I'm so spoiled.

  9. I got a wonderfully warm over-sized Norwegian fisherman's sweater... just in time for the snow to finally find it's way to our neck of the woods....

    @teamoyeniyi ..... and I got some love too!! I know exactly what you mean about it being the best gift of all, and I wouldn't trade it away for anything... ;)

  10. skinnygirlrobbins

    I got a lot of great stuff, but as always the highlight was spending the day with my family. Traditional (for us) Christmas breakfast, presents, and of course....Mario Kart Tourney!

  11. skinnygirlrobbins

    Also, @ardpete. I like seeing a sweet ass as much as the next person, but a watch that looks one...not sure about that.

  12. Does 3 bottles of different wines from my favourite winery count?

    Got other stuff...but really alot of that is immaterial against having my dearie with me right now.

  13. I got new socks and a new electric razor.... which is exactly what i wanted.

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