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What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?

  1. I posted about my realization that life is not turning out like I thought it would. I just started my blog two days ago, and am feeling very vulnerable. Ha! I am excited to be doing this though. I like writing.

  2. poortastemuseum

    Renaissance celebrity portraits
    The Neil Patrick Harris one cracks me up every time

  3. Mononoke Hime (もののけ姫) – a battle like you’ve never seen before:

  4. Tag I'm It! I haven't done one of these in years. Sadly, the answers haven't really changed either.

  5. An incident that would be too good even for the movies.

  6. A coming of age story from my youth. Possible repressed memories.

  7. Will Obama have to resort to the "Blazing Saddles" solution?

    Lunatic Measures For Desperate Times?


  8. Today's post is an oddity..
    I did a book review which is so not what I ever planned to do:

  9. Cool and fumy stuff to look at:

    How People Really Spend Their Time On The Net


  10. - Being out of work is boring, complete with funny picture of yours truly.


    I posted about the day my daughter was born, and my feelings and emotions that went along with it.

  12. crashcourseinself

    My post isn't too far off from @nickelbeck's, interestingly enough.

    It's a brief post about my son's 5th birthday, remembering him when he was small, and how hard it is to retain those memories.

  13. New post, titled - 'And miles to go, before I find myself here again'

    Take a look to know what its about. at -

  14. I wrote about some of the top lounges they have in my home island, Bali. :)

  15. It's a page rather than a post, but I suppose this counts...

    I have opened up a new game for blog visitors. If it gets enough players, I hope to make it an ongoing feature:


    A life lesson, the reason I'm in debt, story of my life. All rolled up into one.

    ...With pictures!

  17. The superannuation company did the right thing! I'm actually impressed!

  18. I questioned where do my taxes go??????

  19. Not feeling well, I needed something to lift my mood:

    The Cure For What Ails Me?


  20. Today on the blog: Reaction after having 3 weeks of a government shutdown in the State of Minnesota.

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