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What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?

  1. Greatest Archeological Discovery In Last Century Found in Jerusalem. Go find out what it is. It will change your view of the world!


    Walls: another kymlee original song, music player and lyrics included!

  3. Today was kind of a rambling about my lack of motivation and bad attitude today. I get kind of deep, too. Well, it's either being deep or crazy talk. You decide.

    No Motivation

  4. The Importance of Being Guido Ever wonder what would happen if you had actors from the Broadway production of the Importance of Being Earnest reading lines from the Jersey Shore, while remaining in character? Well, thanks to these five YouTube videos, you can find out.

    As have about 3000 other people today, thanks to Stumbleupon.

  5. Three super-easy and super-yummy go-to vegetable dishes:

  6. This particular topic seems to have reached that magic point in its life where it thinks that almost any addition is spam these last few days.

    I'm not particular sure why, as we definitely have longer-running topics, but it's just easy enough at this point to retire it and start a fresh one.

    This topic has had a good 4+ years, but it's time for it to head out to pasture.

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