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What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?

  1. it's a more desperate version of the Plug Your Blog Here thread.

    Only direct links to posts written today, please.

    today i posted about my blogging pet peeves.
    (in case you get an error, it's because the post is due to publish automatically in 3 hours time.)

  2. I haven't published a thing yet. Just getting going right now. Standing at a teminal where um, I've somehow magically gained internet access. :whistle:

  3. I am mostly only replying to comments so far today.

    Today some people like me and some people hate me.

    Check this post within a comment:

  4. I still haven't posted anything....

  5. Nothing. It's 21.50 here.

  6. That just means you have two and a half hours left. GET TO WORK! :)

  7. I could post a really bad taste joke I heard today...

  8. Who killed Jimmy Hoffa and Princess Diana, the current whereabouts at the man formerly known as Elvis, the location of the Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Brother 12's lost millions, the directions to the Lost Lemon Mine, and how to download naked pictures of anyone for free. Straight up.
    All right Here!
    (some blog contents may not be exactly as shown)

  9. Show off! I'm not going to blog now. Just...well...because! Raincoaster used up all my blogging juice! ;)

  10. replying to the two comments I got, but will post about worse valentines experience.

  11. Collin, why don't you copy all my text, give it the heading "Big Showoff" and post that (with link to my blog)? Just trying to give a blogger a helping hand.

    Oh yeah, and I posted a cheap, safe cure for cancer that anybody can use. everybody!


  12. What site was that again, rain? I don't think those over on heard you. :)

  13. Dr Mike, why what an amazing coincidence: I even have The Universal Avatar Generator, which guarantees 100% happiness with your avatar at all times and for eternity. And a great way to earn millions on eBay! !

  14. Well I do actually have a pretty funny piece on male bellydancing for Valentines Day as well as an equal-opportunity gold digging guide for men who want to marry rich. One must be practical!

  15. I will get back to the serious work of posting to blogs tomorrow.

    Right now, I have some steaks to cook, some champagne to drink and a dance hall that is calling for us to visit and help wear out the floor.

  16. Childhood Valentine's Day experience- "Where's My Card?!"

  17. Anna Nicole Smith updates

  18. I posted about the animated version of the Jealous Astronaut. Really, a Valentine's Day icon for our times.

  19. She was the other woman and broke up that guy's marriage years ago. Then her and her husband split weeks before her trying to kill the woman he was with. This bitch ruined two marriages. Now this could ruin his career saying they could charge him with adultery in a milatary court. He probably played both her and his other girlfriend but he didn't try to kill anyone.

  20. I had no idea. She said they had a non-romantic relationship; I figured either they were deep friends and she got all weird on him OR they were bonking buddies. Guess that would be the latter.

  21. He left Nasa for a while now to be with his other girlfriend while she recovers from everything that happened.

  22. Dude just doesn't seem that sexy to me, but what do I know...I've still got a crush on George Stephanopoulos.

  23. I really hated VDay over the years. I did have one good one though. My ex was working for a local retail chain and they had just taken out one of the national bottled water brands out of her store that she drank. She moaned about it for quite some time. So what did I do? I got her a water cooler for VDay. The sales rep thought it was sweet and brought it over on the 14th with a big red bow.

    Their service sucked though. Had to fight with them to make deliveries. Angie got the idea of what i was doing right away but it was just more ammo for her mother.

  24. I posted the video of the crazy Toronto optician attacking the reporter. Feeling lazy, though; must be time for some quizzes.

  25. I refound some family guy videos that had been broken and reedited the posts. Does that count?

  26. Barely. But then who am I to talk? I have a headache so I'm not posting until tonight.

  27. I added a page recruiting contributors to my site.....does that count?

  28. It counts double if it actually works.

  29. yeah......hopefully it will

  30. I have about 50 URLs and keywords listed on a page that I should blog about. If I think real hard about it, does that count?

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