What difference does mature make?

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    I have searched the forum but all I find is discussions about being labeled mature but no onw really excplains what happens when you gte labeled that.

    I understand that as a mature blog I wont show up in the poluar blogs..but what else happens? can anyone still see my blog or do you have to be a registered user of world press to look at it?
    Do I still show up in google?

    The reason I’m asking this is because I am starting a photoblog and there might be some photos involving nudity. No porn but still marure content I guess.

    So what exactly are the differenced between a worldpress blog and a mature wolrdpress blog?


    sorry for all the typos



    As far as I know, it will not show up in the “wordpress.com” tagging system and it will make the “tags” on your site become localized and not to the main global tagging (same as a private blog). In terms of google and being “found”……not sure.




    The tags still lead to the main tags pages – they just don’t link back.

    Search engines are unaffected – people can still find your blog from other links to other sites you would make.

    And as Trent says, the blog will not show in any listings around the domain.


    but it will still be a public blog? just harder to find for people who search based on tags or latest posts or popular blogs?



    Just waiting for mark to chime in, but yes it is still a public blog. It just doesn’t show up in the global wordpress.com community highlight tools, but will still go to search engines, etc. Mark can confirm that, but that is my understanding.



    thank you guys so much…I will just mark mine mature now and start posting booby shots ;-)



    since ‘the tags still lead to the main tags pages’ and ‘they just don’t link back’,

    beware that, in the crazy event your visitors would like to browse similar tagged posts on your blog, then those tags said will be misleadingly sending them off to the global tags pages, which contain none of your posts.

    and if you dare to choose tag names unique enough, then your visitors will be sent off yet into a ‘Not Found‘ page, which don’t even contain your original post that sent them there as well!



    That is why your users should also use the tag cloud on the side for tags or the categories in the sidebar. If you have a mature blog, it might entertain you to hide the tags in the actual post to stop confusion with the CSS upgrade for the reasons that options points out. That being said, if going to the global tags without your blog is not a problem, don’t worry too much about it :)




    yeah, that is why you should also pick up a theme, which does display a sidebar on a single post, because that is the most probable place where a visitor from the search engines will be landed to.

    unless, of course, global tags won’t outrank posts/local tags of your own.

    also, hiding the tags in the actual post with the paid CSS upgrade mightn’t entertain you too much, because not every theme has an apropriate markup to hide tags only and still preserve other useful metadata related with the post.



    That is good to know about not having the markup. I guess I better do some research into what themes can hide the tags because it seems to be cropping up often lately! Thanks Options!



    oh geez you lost me at tag



    If your users have a problem, they will let you know! Back to the original stuff, it will work the way that you want!




    > oh geez you lost me at tag

    please, let me explain. I think this would be a valid example:

    * visit the post which resides on a ‘mature’ blog;

    * if you click the category links at the bottom of this post, you’ll go to a global tags page with all the most recent posts with that label from all across wp.com,

    except those from this very blog itself;

    * and if you click the “Blogs In Our MonkeySphere” category (which is currently a unique label in the global tags namespace), then you’ll end up in the “Not Found” tag page.

    hope this helps, see for yourself.


    ahhh thank you very much…slowly I am understanding. When I look at my stats though…I’m seeing that most of my hits come from people who found me through certain tags..now is that just because the moderators haven’t flagged my blog as mature yet? I reportet it myself as mature a few hours ago…



    Not to worry. I’m sure that more than one of us have reported it and that staff will get to it when they can. In between I note that you haven’t found the forum search box yet. Here’s a freebie for you. :) https://en.forums.wordpress.com/search.php?q=mature


    no i have I read alot of posts on mature but I still has questions…I’m a bit slow



    Well fire away with your questions 1-2-3 let’s boogie!


    ok well once they flag me as mature…i won’t get any hits from people through tags anymore?




    though global tags pages still will be getting hits from people clicking through tags in your blog instead.

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