What do I do if I feel someone has reblogged my post inappropriately?

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    My post has been re-blogged on someone else’s blog. All of the photos are visible and nearly all of the words. I am uncomfortable with this as these photos are mostly of my children. I have asked the other blogger to take my post down, but if he/she doesn’t, is there no other option? I would rather not have the re-blog option on my blog’s header.

    The blog I need help with is melissatalbert.wordpress.com.



    I find it appalling that anyone would reblog such a personal post with your kids images in it, but I’m sorry to say that the answer is “no”.



    Here’s the link I could not find a moment ago http://en.support.wordpress.com/reblogs/


    Interesting. Thanks for the link. It seems like the only solution is to make my blog private, which I’d rather not do.



    I hear you and I’m sorry this happened to you. :(
    My family members and close friends and I have a pact. We entered it after one of us was stalked, had their identity stolen and went through 19 months of living hell. Our pact is that we do not post any images of each other on our blogs at all. We also do not name each other or recount anything personal that happens between us on our blogs. My niece says: “Blogs are magazines so if you don’t want you and yours to be internet celebs then don’t post anything personal on them.”


    I’ll never understand why people post personal information on the web.

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