What do I do with my first draft that stands in the way?

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    I made one blog just for fun (in WordPress.com) and then I started on the “real” one, just to find that the real one doesn’t show. I tried to remove the nuisance but made a mess of it. Seems easiest to start from the beginning, but I want to keep the name.
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    The blog I need help with is bibsen.wordpress.com.



    I can see the blog you linked to, it just seems it does’nt contain mutch?

    I’m not sure what you need help for?

    But, if your problem is, that you wrote a post, and then wrote a new one, but the first one was published, instead of the new one, you can scroll down (when in the editing of the post) and see all previous drafts and automated saved posts…. There you can choose to recall another draft of the same post.



    Give us an exact link to the blog you don’t want, starting with http. Then we can see “the mess” and help you.

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