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What do I need to do with my account after I move out?

  1. I exported my blog and moved to self-hosting on DreamHost. Now, what do I need to do with my blog? I can still log into and see the entries, etc. there. My account seems to redirect to my domain name (not sure if it matters, but my domain name is registered with

    Can I/should I delete my account? What happens if I decide to transfer the domain name to another provider?

    I've read the FAQ, and searched the support and forums on and but have not found anything that directly answers my question. The moderator on forums suggested I post this question here.

    Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, you can't delete an account anyway, just a blog. Generally, the advice is to set the blog to Private, so it doesn't interfere with the blog you have elsewhere.

    You'll also want to take note of this for the domain name:

  3. @husdal - I have completed the steps and do not have any questions about that. The link that you pointed me to does not answer the question of what, if anything, I need to do with my blog or domain.

    @raincoaster - thank you! I changed privacy settings on my old blog to "private" and hopefully this will help to avoid any confusion.

    I read the link about re-directing - did I get it correctly, if I want old permalinks to work, I need to pay for a domain name + pay another registrar if I want more features, like subdomains?

    Moderators or anyone else who moved from to a self-hosted account - I would love your perspective on what you ended up doing with your blog, account, and domain name if you have one (pros/cons for transferring or non-transferring?)

  4. I purchased a domain name and domain mapping so my readers would experience a seamless transfer between the root blog URLs and the new domain URLs. If I hadn't purchased domain mapping my readers would have experienced "broken links" and 404's (page not found). Then I set my root blog to "private" so I didn't have a duplicate content problem and I now I have a backup blog.

    I also note that you have asked about your "account". accounts cannot be closed or deleted. If you wish to use Akismet and/or wordpress stats on your new domain then you need an account. If you are now or will be made a user (Admin, Author, Editor or Contributor) on a blog, you need an account. If you wish to comment on blogs then you need either an account or OpenID.

  5. @timethief: thank you for your explanations. I will leave my account as-is, and the blog has already been set to "private".

    I haven't been blogging for a long time, so I don't have a lot of posts, so will probably eventually transfer the domain name to some other provider, because domain name mapping is not as important to me.

  6. @jenialaszlo
    You're welcome and best wishes with the new blog. :)

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