what do I put on my blog as far as rules go?

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    I plan on making a rules page for my blog,exept im unsure what I should all include. I’ve already read the terms of service so I know some of the things to include (i.e. no swearing, no flaming, no indecent or unethical content) exept when it comes down to what kind of links can and cant be posted…I’ll admit im a little more then confused =P , im sure im missing more rules too. also my blog is based off of a game called fire emblem (as my name stupidly suggests -_-‘ ) and I dont know what to put on my site to show that I don’t claim ownership to the game.right now I have a text widget that says that I dont claim ownership to the game or its characters, but im not sure if thats enough.the last thing I want to do is get sued for copywrite infragment =D .



    If you are concerned about possible infringement of copyright with respect to the fire emblem game you mention then the obvious place to go to for clarification is to the holders of that copyright. Once they have made their limitations clear then you simply have to respect those limitations in your blog.

    All matters that relate to Terms of Service and wordpress policy are best discussed directly with staff through a feedback containing as many specifics as possible. In general, a discrete link to a site you are associated with in a text widget in the sidebar or an About page is permitted. But if the primary purpose of the blog is to drive traffic to affiliate programs from which you draw any financial benefit that’s not allowed. The rule of thumb is: if you’re not sure, contact support. (The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.)



    Swearing’s not allowed? Well damn….



    To timethief: so then regarding the copywrite business, I have to write to the company and ask what im allowed to do? Heres hoping they write me back :P .and for the rules on my blog,if im unsure about something in the terms of service I just type my question in the feedback area, correct? well that makes enough sence,thank you.

    To drmike: ok,fine…so no swearings not a rule mentioned in the terms of service, but its a good rule to have non the less =D (it keeps things from getting…messy ;) ).



    You don’t actually have to do what the copyright holder says; sometimes they insist on things they are not entitled to by law. You have to obey US copyright law, which means you can’t present their work as your own, among many other things. If you write original blog posts about something that is copyrighted, ie your opinion of game play or what happened when you played the game, that should be protected. Guidelines on how to play, as long as they don’t violate trade secrets, should be fine too.

    yes, Feedback is the place to clarify terms of service; they go directly to staff.

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