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what do statistics say

  1. Im wondering what % of new bloggers, abandon their blogs in relation to those who keep on posting in any given period. I wonder this because welcoming new bloggers is something I try to do, but Im starting to notice, more often than not, they never stick around.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In a lot of cases, people who abandon their blogs are the same people as the ones who keep them up. It's perfectly normal to start two or three and end up only keeping one going.

    Welcoming new bloggers is, frankly, not worth your time. Look for good content that interests you and comment on those blogs. Those bloggers will not forget.

  3. I've abandoned many blogs in the past, but i've always come back. I guess I miss the writing. I miss studying English! WordPress is definitely my second home :)

    New bloggers will come back eventually. They just need to be inspired and motivated.

  4. I agree with raincoaster. I have witnessed many bloggers who started out all gung-ho and 6 months later they had an abandoned blog.

  5. thats wise advice then. I suppose I might stop commenting so easily on new blogs and only respond to noobs in the showcase forum threads instead. I guess thats a way to wait and see if a blogger is going to be serious or not.

    Its funny, I thought receiving a comment would be motivating. Thanks for clearing this up.

  6. @midaevalmaiden
    I have so little time I'm often days behind in answering comments I receive so that shapes my opinion too. If I did have more time and I met a new blogger who I thought would be a "stayer" and not a "sprinter" then I might feel differently.

  7. Commenting is motivating, but not everyone responds to motivation from strangers. In fact, most new bloggers don't even read their comments. But I do know someone who started blogging, made his first post, then turned around and argued with me for five minutes about how nobody would find him. I saw over his shoulder that he had two comments already.

    That was so motivating for him that he kept blogging and in fact used his blog as his portfolio to get a full scholarship to a university creative writing program.

  8. hmm, I suppose Im back to square one then. I cant tell who will stay or go. I only know that Ive gotten excited about some blogs but then they never developed. Maybee noobs dont realize how 'rare' comments can sometimes be. I dont know. Im also pretty new so perhaps Ill pick up sound judgement as I get more experience.

  9. I usually look at the new blogs if they ask for structural feedback - such as is it readable. Quite often I'll notice that the topic is really not me - for example the young mad with the new blog about basketball. I'm sure he a very large potential reader market, but I'm not one of them.

    I think, for me at the moment, I have am reading as many as I can keep up with given the circumstances, so I'm just sticking to what I already have really, unless I stumble across something that is really attractive to me personally.

  10. harrythehandyman

    i read a young girl's first post on her blog a good while back and it was very good and commented to her about it, she answered and said she would post more but never did.

    " noob " i hope i'm not a noob :)

  11. Harry your not a noob. I can tell because I checked your teeth. (chuckle)

    There was one history blog I fell in love with. I couldnt wait to read the posts, but they never arrived.

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