What do the ads on WordPress.com look like?

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    I know that WordPress.com will sometimes include Google advertisements on some posts and pages, but what do they look like? Does their appearance and placement vary from theme to theme?

    I’m quite interested in seeing what the ads look like on all of the different themes, but for some reason, I never see them. I’m not behind a firewall, I don’t run ad-blocking software, I always log out of WordPress.com, and I always clear my cache and cookies, yet I still don’t see them.

    Is there a resource out there that shows screenshots of all of the themes and what the ads look like within them? (panaghiotisadam, you seem to be the master of theme comparisons. I’m looking at you. ;-) )




    You can visit your blog through google [use some keyword that will lead to a particular blog post on your blog]while you are not logged in to WP! USe a different browser for example.

    I saw ads [graphic] below my posts! I just it again.

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