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What do we post on this forum?

  1. well, the description for this form is to plug our blogs but theres already a sticky note that provides that outlet. So, what do we post on this forum as far as topics goes. Does everyone create a new thread going into detail about why people should visit their blogs?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. {shrugs}

    Don't know. And why is it showing mixed in with the technical support stuff?

  3. ew, why are threads on the showcase forum showing up on the main forum? That's going to be totally annoying if theres a lot of shameless blog promotion threads on the showcase forum lol

  4. well, seems like we have the same question. I don't see the point of the forum. Maybe it could be good for announcing blog related unimportant to tech support type things

  5. Maybe it's supposed to tie into this?

    or not...(shrug)

  6. Ze will be announcing it in a little more detail later today.

  7. Mmmkay, my thinking was that a (up to now) 42 pages long "Plug Your Blog Here" thread, sort of stopped making sense a while ago (from, say, page 3 on...)

    The purpose of this forum is to give each blogger his own thread to announce/plug his blog.

    Expect the old thread to be closed soon and a sticky explaining the process.


  8. Given the number of folks who rightly want to plug their blog, please consider making this new forum behave like the Off-Topic forum where the threads don't show up on the main Support page. (Just from a practical standpoint of being able to focus there on users support questions, just sayin'...)

  9. @aw1923:

    why are threads on the showcase forum showing up on the main forum?

    A good point. We can probably hide that. However, until it takes of, it's probably not a bad thing, no?

    It's not meant to specifically tie into the "official" showcase.

  10. I don't get it; there was a penguin blog being pimped out in its own thread here, and it got deleted. Isn't that the exact kind of thread you WANT here?

  11. Not to mention that there are other, similar threads floating around in the off-topic forum. Maybe those should be closed as well with a note telling people about this forum? Just sayin'...

  12. pornstarbabylon

    Hmmm. Maybe they're waiting to figure out how to get these posts off the support forum and only show up on that forum. Maybe then they'll let the penguins run free.

  13. I'm wondering if there is a way they could maybe make some sort of way to post our blogs under catogories instead of each posting a thread of our own. There's gonna be a lot of Penguins running around, why not give them their own thread to showcase themselves.

  14. pornstarbabylon

    I think it was a year ago we suggested to the powers that be on here to give the little penguins their own forum. They said no. lol

  15. So can we plug our blogs here, or can't we?

    *plug!* I have an excellent media criticism blog! Just click the link in my name!

  16. pornstarbabylon

    Make sure to plug in the appropriate Showcase forum. Kinks are still being worked out I believe.

  17. I'm also wondering (I do that a lot as you can see) if a sticky of how to link your user name to your blog can be under this forum also, because there are so many that haven't done that already and well a lot of threads are going to be created of blogs that we can't get to, well atleast not without searching.

  18. Interesting!

  19. And just another thought. As a "showcase" people shouldn't be bumping their threads every few days.How about an auto-close after one week, please?

  20. pornstarbabylon

    Maybe the people showcasing their blogs can bump them with the links to their newest blog entries. I haven't caught what the bumps say. Do they just say bump or do they add content? Maybe saying this is what I posted today can be done. But then they'll update that post everyday. lol Maybe a once a week bump would be better.

  21. This particular person was bumping it every day. Not necessarily with new content.

    FWIW I wouldn't replace the "What Did You Post In Your Blog Today" thread for the world. It's a great resource. What I would do is close it every 6 months and start a new one, as it too is rather unwieldy.

  22. Wow this thread made it as a sticky post.

    In this forum is everyone allowed to showcase a link to each post someone makes by starting a new thread ? because I have notice that this forum is starting to take that direction.

  23. That's exactly the purpose. Each plug gets its own thread and the whole doesn't show up on the main page anymore.

  24. Hello, just started my first blogg, Its about sign making, its got some nice photos, or will have. Started looking at bloggers as I keep finding my photos from my websites on peoples bloggs, so I thought I better get going and do my own.

  25. quasivsquintessence

    Short stories aimed at teenagers
    just go to the story page, which is located on the top :)

  26. Just posted my first blog and I am trying to figure out how to get people to read it. Thanks for any advice.

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