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What do ya'll think about having a facebook page?

  1. flowergardengirl

    So do you think I should get a facebook page? I'm trying to decide? Don' t really know how I feel about it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. flowergardengirl

    I do like the looks of that wordpress Iphone. do ya'll like yours?

  3. christophertravels

    I have one:

    its cool, mine is kinda slow but I just started it.

  4. flowergardengirl

    It looks good Chris. I'm still trying to decide.

  5. christophertravels

    Yeah I hear that, I'm still debating the worthyness

  6. flowergardengirl

    I'm not debating it anymore and have decided it's a good thing. I added you on pages for a few days and will continue to do so every now and then. You've got great pictures. I've reconnected with some folks in the area and I like it a lot better than twitter. I found a great many classmates from my high school years. We went from elementary all the way to 12th grade. It doesn't seem to be as silly as twitter but I don't like those games like collecting coins or houses. I don't mind those who do but I don't have time to do all my design work on my web pages back and forth and then play on the web too.

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