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What do you concern yourself about blogging?

  1. onestartstheday

    You have a strategic structure for which you follow when posting everyday? Or do you post whatever comes to mind? How does blogging work for you?

    Feedback would be great. I'm trying to put together a piece. If anyone doesn't mind being quoted, please note that in your response and I'll try to include some of you for sources.

  2. I pretty much post my reactions to sports I like, or stuff that grabs me - sports related.
    Everyone always told me I was opinionated, so I guess it's a place where my opinion matters! ;)

  3. I post stuff about my life, and whatever comes to mind. I don't really have much of a structure.

  4. I muse. It's what I do.

  5. I'm trying to put together a piece.

    For whom? Print, broadcast, online, your own blog? I'd like to know more about it!

  6. I began blogging initially to help me stay in touch with my sister, who had cancer and was difficult to reach in another city.

    Then I got involved with Skepchick, and was a guest blogger there, and began to write posts with a purpose, that were to educate and be entertaining.

    My blog then evolved from that a personal blog into a professional one, where I set a goal of one post per day, with the idea that it would help me get better at writing about science in an amusing and informative way. Some days that happens :)

  7. Blogging is my way of talking.
    You know if you have that friend and something is bothering you and they ask you "What's wrong?" And you pour out your heart and cry to them so that you feel better?
    Well I don't do that.
    I feel much better just writing about it then telling people.
    I blog about whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. It's my way of unwinding and relaxing and expressing myself.

  8. I post about whatever comes to mind, although i do have a specific focus on a rather broad field. I generally cover recent news but i usually like stuff that makes me say 'wooooow.' ;)

  9. I farm full-time so without a blog the only audience for my rants, raves and delusional ramblings would be chickens, pigs and children. The chickens always forget what I've said, the pigs are too fond of snorting "Two legs bad, four legs good" and the children just laugh and run off.

    Bloggers on the other hand are a captive audience drawn to their monitors like moths to a flame and some even think I make sense. Which is strange, as I think I seldom do...

  10. I blog about things that interest me; that way, there's something for everyone since there's bound to be someone that's interested in things like the Kyrgyz revolution, Kosovar independence, Soviet funk, Turkic languages, etc.

    I used to also post funny pictures found from seemingly-random places on the Internet thereby using my blog as a sharing post.

    As for my life, I leave that to my family and friends with whom to share life memories. I figure I'm not a celebrity so it's not important I share my life with the Internet.

  11. BTW, you're going to put a link here to the piece you're writing, right onestartstheday?

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