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What do you do for a living?

  1. As per the bbpress thread on the subject...

    Webhosting although I'm trying to get out of it now due to legal issues with my ex that won't even allow me to pull out a paycheck. *grumble*

    Besides that, I collect a tiny month disability check that barely covers my rent, a fair amount of local volenteer work, and make Mark's life a living hell by pointing out spammers over in the support forums.:)

  2. This would be assuming we work. We blog. Can you do that and hold down a job at the same time?

    When I get work, I'm a writer and editor. When I don't, I'm a blogger.

  3. I'm a web developer. I have a full-time job and also do freelance projects to help pay the bills.

    I program in C#, VB and PHP; design and program MSSQL and MySQL databases; HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, CSS and Photoshop. Also I have some knowledge on Apache and IIS web servers.

    When I'm not working, I work out, watch the Cartoon Network or Japanese anime, and play on my PS2.


  4. WOAH! devblog You are a super-geek. I'm sooo impressed [she said with a big grin] and I will be calling on you again, for sure. :D

    I'm a humble sumei brush painter. I'm only able to work part-time now and I'm making a huge transition from being an extremely physically active outdoor orientated person to reconciling myself to the reality of being required to live an indoor lifestyle.

    The transition has been tough. I live with chronic pain in my spine, right arm and hand, legs and feet and I have a vision problem. I had to give up many activities I previously pursued with unbridled passion. I can no longer risk injuries that come with training young horses and re-training challenging older ones that have had less than good training previously. (There are no problem horses, only problem people.) I can no longer be fielding 3 high impact aerobics classes each week. I chose to quit modeling for artists and photographers this summer while I was at my peak physically because I'm vain.

    However, I have outlived the 6-9 month death prognosis I was given a year and a half ago because I have spunk. I fought tenaciously for my life and I won it. This battle royal made me keenly aware of how fragile we really are.

    I do qualify for full disability benefits but I choose not to apply for them. I'm determined to be useful and feel happy, rather than feeling "limited". I live an extremely modest and simple country life (I don't even own a cell phone, dvd player or other electronic gadgets).

    I have found other fulfilling things to do that make me feel I'm making a difference in this world. I do as much volunteer work as I can. I'm an environmentalist and a part-time political activist. I do some part-time research work and I'm obsessed with blogging. Most of all, every day "what I do for a living" is to continuously remind myself that I'm glad to be alive. :)

    P.S. I can turn anything and everything into a blog post. In fact, I think I just created the About" page that I never had the guts to create and post before ... lol... so-be-it. :P

  5. defrostindoors

    Academic turned tech support turned student teacher, which will no doubt turn into "do you want fries with that?" this summer.

  6. Stay at home mom.

  7. entomoagricola


    I'm entomologist. I'm Agronomist Engineer. I'm working investigating common natural enemies of plagues at horticultural crops in greenhouses, in southern Spain. My work is to identificate auxiliar fauna living at crops, to search which of these are natural enemies of plagues, to probe them in laboratory (with different plagues) and to select better insects to an economic and efficient rearing, thinking an easy way to use these in a comercial Biological Control program in greenhouses.
    Usually, we publish the results in scientific magazines, and go to congresses around the world (Europe, normally)
    Is very interesting! I must to read a lot about insects, crops, and others publications of another investigators.

    When I'm not studing bugs, I'm going to photograph them, or stay with family and another class of bugs (with two legs, usually). I like to surf in Internet, to publish in my blog, or to learn about web developer.

    In order that all you understand the environment at which I am employed, you can see this video, in my last post at blog. Is very explanatory:

    Regards, Alex.

  8. student reading english in college. during holidays am part-time telemarketer. a volunteer at shopping, reading and watching the boob tube.

  9. What an interesting thread. {nod to drmike} We're a truly diverse group.

  10. @TT, @};-{


  11. I'm a hardware engineer.

    If you open up your computer and look at stuff like the CPU, graphics card, RAM, etc... that's what I build at the register level.

    Programming / web dev is all hobby stuff.

  12. timethief: word!

    i must be the youngest of the regulars here.

  13. Gotta admit that I'm surprised at the general youth of the staff. I think Mark is the oldest.

  14. I'm retired LOL.
    When I worked I was a Dentist.
    I know, it's boring LOL

  15. @drmike
    ummm ... I also make Mark's life a living hell by pointing out spammers over in the support forums ... so that makes two of us. (And pay-per-post absolutely pisses me.)

    I an have invisible disability (skeletal) and the way I keep my bones strong is through aerobic, weight training and yoga. I quit teaching aerobics on December 8th and am now working out at home. So when you say you work out does that mean you're a fitness freak like I am? Do you have a home gym or do you go to a club?
    And, would it be okay if I tried out the computer game on your site? I signed in yesterday and made up a phony birth date and then well I backed out. So tell me true is this a game where I could assume a role that doesn't involve killing another "human being"?

    Would you care to share how many little ones you are a mom to (ages, sexes and do they have your beautiful blue eyes)? Being an at home mom is challenging and exhausting. I hope you aren't on the front-line 24/7 and that you have help.

    How many horses do you have (ages, breeds) and what kind of riding do you do?

    I visited your blog and really admired the job you did on the css. You have designed a really functional and attractive theme. And I particularly like what you did with the header.

    @ sulz
    Do you intend to teach when you are finished college? And what did you mean by saying this: timethief: word! Does that mean you understand now why I chose that username?

    You are an utterly amazing blogger just bursting with knowledge and traveling at warp speed. Sometimes I worry that you will burn out. I sure hope not because I'm a faithful reader although I don't understand the geekier stuff. I really enjoyed visiting all the cartoon sites you blogged about recently.

    Your job sounds like the kind of job an environmentalist like myself would like to have. I haven't visited your blog yet but I will. :)

    Because I have a vision problem (see above) I have to press edit post and then let my eyes focus and go at it again. I edit several times most of the posts that I make on the forum. And I have made up ready-made answers to the more common ones that I can just copy and paste.
    I have not been able to answer questions on the forum today at all or even focus on blogging. I have bad days and this is one of them. I've spent most of the day prone nursing a horrible headache and I'm having a lot of difficulty focusing right now.
    I see below that you think I may be rejecting you although but this isn't so. You and I seem to be the only ones posting just now. The others live in different countries and time zones all around the world. Would you like to share what your hobbies and interests are? Then when they are online maybe they will know a little more than that you're a retired dentist and you may strike up a conversation.

    P.S. I have never been rude to you nor have I personally attacked you but you have just done both to me. Please don't continue along this vein, okay? It doesn't become you.

  16. I work from home with a Wellness company. We actually manufacture safer and healthier products for your home so I can have my health and work toward wealth all in one :)

  17. It's funny how many talk about community, but there's one on here - who seems to spend all day preaching community, but is rude enough to address everyone's comment in some way, but mine; and those which followed mine? I'm trying to connect - and it doesn't feel so friendly. Why is that?

  18. patriotsfanblog

    I'm still in high school : (

  19. Well you have your whole life ahead of you - and it appears that you're a Patriots fan. That's 2 great things in your favor! :)

  20. defrostindoors

    No horses right now (teachers' college is supposed to get me the secure, well-paid job, HAHAHA ah I kill me), but am something of a Morgan fanatic. I ride English (hunt seat, not saddleseat).

  21. Timethief, you have my apologies. I'm very on the defensive because of a situation which happened yesterday and is stretching into today. I know you are aware of it even though you are not directly invoved :) As far as interests and hobbies? Great make me talk about myself. I hate that, you know? :) I love sailing, writing, loving my pets, and singing. I'm a tenor. I live in Baltimore (which is a rotten town - murder capital of America) but am on my way back to Seattle; which is where I grew up. I recently became a widower, after 21 years with someone - and have gotten more involved in my synagogue - than I have ever been in my entire life :) At any rate, I'm sorry you're on disability and having trouble seeing. I think I also saw that your computer is on fire or something? LOL. Well, as You can see - I hate talking about myself, but it seems when I start, I can't stop. Once again, my apologies for my snark.

  22. patriotsfanblog

    ^^^ I used to live Baltimore.

  23. defrostindoors
    One of our dearly departed horses was a Morab (Morgan father and Arabian mother). He was 16 hands high and full of p & v from 6 hours after birth onward. I knew both of his parents very well and purchased him when he was weaned. I bought him because the girl who was determined to have him was abusive and I could tell he would not take bad treatment without becoming a rogue.He was a great ride for an advanced rider and was really wonderful as a driving horse, provided you were an experienced driver.

    Primarily I was a cross-country English rider. This is not to say I didn't ride western because my parents did and my mom rode up to 2 weeks before she delivered me. I also rode English pleasure and hunt seat (never saddle seat) but preferred to take natural fences to those that were "constructed". I live in cross country heaven on a small forested island with gorgeous beaches with many trails and for years my horses were my only mode of transport.

    Morgans are wonderful but can be very opinionated. ;) In any event, my heart was stolen at the very young age of 5 by my mom's Arabian stallion. My grandpa and I taught him how to kneel so I could mount him and I rode him sans any tack other than a leather wacko for 2 years in a sawdust ring whenever grandpa babysat. Then one day my mom and dad came home early. They caught my grandpa giving me a lesson in how to ride in a standing position on Flame's bareback and all hell broke loose. In time they mellowed and Flame had a lot to do with that. He loved me and jumped fences to get to me.

    Thereafter, although I rode and trained many horses of many different breeds I became an Arabian lover. My Arabian mare was like a beautiful affectionate puppy dog on the ground but a different story under saddle. She was such a pet that she and our cats worked out a deal between them where they would stand on the top fence rails and she would position herself so they could leap on and get a ride back to the stable from the pastures. We flew together across the countryside, rode well in the English pleasure ring and we danced Kur together.

  24. @joshua
    Thanks for extending your hand in friendship. I say: let's choose to let the past remain in the past.

    You have said:
    " I love sailing, writing, loving my pets, and singing. I'm a tenor. " Well, I get seasick but love beachcombing. I love writing and my pets (all rescued animals) and I love dancing.

    I'm a mezzo-soprano with 2 octave range. I love to sing blues, jazz, gospel and anything that any musician will provide the accompaniment for. I have an ability to pick up and sing Indian and African chant quite well and I love world music.

    I've been a yoga practitioner for many years and I am very limber and movement orientated. I love African and Latin music and steel drums. When my feet hear a drumbeat they can't stay still.

    On an impulse, I went to a learn beladi weekend last year and I had a ball shaking my tail with the other belly dancers. I've only been well enough to attend 2 more belly dance workshop weekends this winter but I'm thinking positive and I'm sure by the time spring rolls around I'll be able to join in again.

    Seattle hmmm... well it seems that soon you'll be sharing the same time zone with me. I live in the gulf islands.

  25. timethief: word means i agree with you, word for word (at least that's what i think it's supposed to mean). about your username, i think you told before why you chose it. i can't explain exactly why but i know why. =)

  26. You knew because I sort of hinted in another blog I had without coming right out and revealing how sick I truly was or about the chemo I was undergoing. I got permission to take my computer with me into treatment and I continued to blog and answer forum questions throughout. It helped keep me grounded and it became part of my healing. You were my first cyber-friend little one. :)

  27. and i'm glad we still are.

  28. Timethief, I used to live on Vancouver Island. I also have lived on Anacortes, Whidbey, and Bainbridge Islands. I'm a big fan of steel drums, and any opportunity I get to sing and dance - I take it :) My brother fought cancer for a little more than a decade. His spirit pulled him through many dark times. And he relied on the internet, as he often felt very isolated - being homebound. I'm glad you've found an outlet for yourself :)

  29. wow, i didn't realize that so many of the geeks are actually employed as geeks as well.

    i'm an architect by day, working towards getting my license sometime before 2010. i also occasionally wear the CAD administrator hat for small firms.

  30. Morabs are fantastic horses, but I can't imagine what you were feeding him to get him up to 16 hands (I used to be a groom in a hunt stable).


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