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What do you do for a living?

  1. :) most exciting

  2. I am the Chief Technology Officer for a company that does a lot of different things. Most of them revolve around Systems Engineering of solutions to extremely complex problems.

    I used to do a lot in the area of Wireless devices and applications but only have a few clients in that arena now.

    I used to do a lot in the area of a "brand new technology" (at the time) called the world wide web.

    When asked how long I have been doing this, I usually respond:

    "I was there on the beach with those ten people in Florida ... and Al Gore was not there."

    My original quotations site began as a test page on one of the first 100 domains registered on the web.

  3. @quotes
    {big smile} The more I get to know about you the more interesting you become. Thanks for contributing to this thread.

  4. I used to blog professionally, but that was back when it was $5 per post. I'd rather blog for free or for real money; that was just degrading. Dropped that ASAP.

  5. Rain, which system were you with? Just curious. I just got accepted by payperpost about a week after I put in for it. I haven't decided if I want to do it or not. And, yes, I know we can't do it here at :)

    edit: Amazed no one has said porn yet. :)

  6. No, it wasn't PayPerPost, it was Box Media out of Chicago. I didn't realize until far too late that when they said "a 200-word informative post about the local real-estate market" for each different blog, the other bloggers were just posting what someone else had written whereas I was writing a different article for each one. And I know nothing about real estate in Reno, Jacksonville Florida, etc, so I'd have to research an hour or so for each one. And they wouldn't have been okay with posting extracts of articles either, so there wasn't a way to do it that was economically feasable. I was better off taking that time to jobhunt.

  7. Note to self: Send Quotes my resume. :)

  8. @drmike

    Might be a good idea. The work load here is getting up to a nice level.


    I could tell stories for hours. Some people think I make them up. All I can say is "Why would I lie about a thing like that?"

    It reminds me of that "The Far Side" Cartoon that says:

    "On the Internet, nobody knows that you are a dog" and has a picture of a large dog surfing the Internet.

    Judy Collins had a song on a very old album called "Pirate Jenny" in which the most important line was "... but you never know to who your talking ..."

  9. I have a cartoon like that, but it's this guy in a big beard, wearing robes and it says "On the internet, no one knows that you're a God."

  10. @rc:: lol you should post that on your blog.

  11. Everybody there knows that I am one, though. I keep telling them.

  12. :)

  13. Maybe you should go by Ra then.

    I need to do a cheerleader one...

  14. Hi, im a concept artist in the making I guess, currently studying computer games art at university :)

  15. that's sounds cool! :)

  16. I work in the publishing field - as a professional writer and script-writer. Currently working on a six-book project in team with two illustrators.

    I'm also attending my second-last year of art school. Not sure how, but I also manage to update my blog more than once a day.

  17. I work in the food servie Industry(not a waiter LOL) I am a pahrmacy tech but have'nt gotten certification yet................................................................. but I also try to make money blogging and other sites.

  18. Dude, those aren't sites. You're in the wrong forum.

  19. hmmm... a thread I don't think I knew about!

    I live near Baltimore, MD (techincally in PA , but close enough) and work for an auto company that starts with a "t" and ends with an "a" and has "oyot" in between. I'm not sure how to describe my role. I've been a supervisor of field teams since I was 22 (I started at 19) and now work on the largest project our financial services affiliate has ever undertaken - namely replacing our computer systems with more modern architecture.

    I guess I'm part business analyst, part SME, part salesman, part jack of all trades. It's both a blessing and a curse that my duties involve quite a bit of travel across the country. I'm also part of our emergency response team so if we ever have a WordPress party and one of you goes down, I'm a certified first responder and can shock you with the defibrulater. LOL. Actually it's more of a first aid/ CPR/ disaster management (search and rescue, fire suppression, triage, etc) role.

    Hobbies include a passion for history (I'm a military history buff), playing video games, raising my 3 year old, and watching American football. Horse racing I classify as an "obsession" rather than a hobby. I'm all about relaxing, unwinding, and making every moment as enjoyable as humanly possible.

    I've never met an awkward silence that couldn't be readily filled with an equally awkward attempt at humor from me.

  20. At the moment a stay at home Dad, a blogger, a wannabe published author, assistant to my wife in a photography business thinghy.

    I do hope that makes sense. =]

  21. I'm an ESL teacher in S. Korea right now. I was trained as a developmental psychologist but had to leave school after getting my MA due to illness. I've worked at a mental health agency as well as working for one of the major test publishers in the US. But I think teaching is my passion. I'm considering getting a MEd so I can teach back in the states, but I enjoy S. Korea so much that I'm planning on extending my contract for another year (my current one is up in June).

  22. lettershometoyou

    I watch way too much TV for my own good, but at least I get paid for it.

  23. I play video games and write about video games for a living.

    In my spare time I play video games, write about video games and help organising LAN gaming events which involves spending far too much time on online fora [see, I learned from what I read in the other thread!!].

    And I do a lot of other things to. Considering I never played a game til 4 1/5 years ago that's not bad going.. :)

  24. I blog for a living and teach blogging. And, it seems, most of my income comes from answering email, which alas leaves me no time to blog!

  25. Awesome.. not.

    Been meaning to ask you, how are your blogging courses going? I can't believe someone goes to blogging courses? What sort of age group/people do you teach?

  26. i'm a science writer with a focus on biomed. i write mostly for pharma/physicians and such but do some odd science magazine stuff for kids and teens...and, of course, my blog. =) i'm also a student working on my msc right now.

  27. @carocat: the blogging courses are going well. Mostly people in their forties who want to get a running start. Interested in teaching? Drop me an email at raincoaster AT gmail DOT com. And that goes for all my bloggy friends. The more the merrier!

  28. teaching? Heck Rain, I'd probably be interested in being a student if I could get my lazy but up to your neck of the woods.

    Anyone else absolutely love Dr. Mike's new avatar?

  29. Yeah, I'm interested in teaching, but I don't think I'd be any good. Last time I did any teaching was many years ago to 13 year old kids who looked up to me.

    Are you thinking of expanding then?

  30. Yes, I'd like to get a lot of people teaching. If only I had a computer that could get into Second Life!

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