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What do you do when you encounter someone in crisis?

  1. Man there was this one time when I was dressed as a giraffe... Ahem, carry on.

  2. Critics of internet decorum seem to forget that it's in the real world that people are actually murdered. Given the choice between the two, which seems safer, really?

  3. OK so imagine this scenario. . .if you will since I've just been annoying you all so far.

    This poor tortured blogger sitting at home in his socks and jockey shorts. . . everything in his poor tortured life just gone to hell. ..

    He logs on to some discussion forum looking for a some small sign from the universe that the Gods are nice sometimes. . .and blammo!

    He gets called. ..(insert some very unkind and awful putdown here and be creative please! Cliches are just so tedious these days!)

    And that is it, the final straw. ..

    Fifteen seconds goes ballistic in his underwear and shoots seventeen people on the freeway!

    Now don't you wish you would have said "Have a nice day, dude!" or at least "Vaya con dios, Muchacho" ? Because you know, that might have been the subtracted straw that made him strong enough to check into that heroin rehab clinc on his way to a new life as a circus acrobat!.

    A longshot I know, but still!!! xoxo

  4. A giraffe, eh? So what did she have on? :P

  5. A work of fiction, not a long shot.

    You're talking about someone proven to be a troll, remember. The person you were originally talking about admitted she claimed to be a cutter, emo, lesbian, etc, etc, all to get attention for her new blog.

    Please stop playing the fool for her. She doesn't deserve it.

  6. i am a teacher. it's what i do. ;) everybody has a soul. and if what you say is true about trolling, i mean, what kind of lonely and tortured existence is that anyway? they are seeking attention, right?

    (i just described about five percent of my student population there. and you'd be surprised at what i have been learning over the years. what i have learned is, people like attention any way they can get it. if you are healthy and sane, ;you do that in a positive and productive way. if you are dysfunctional, then you do it the only way you know how. and as for the latter, if we let them piss us off and react with negativity, it means they "win." in getting the attention they were after. really you both lose though. because if you stay patient and supportive, they respond to that in a really interesting and positive way. many of them buckling down and taking notes for the rest of the semester.

    To our own detriment, we live in an insanely punitive culture, one that is always on the watch for badness. always at the ready with admonishments and shunning. and what's that all about if not a way for us to find false comfort in knowing "well I am so not one of those. i am normal and good." it gets in the way though, that kind of thinking because it makes us angry and complacent.

    i am simply suggesting that if badness is what you are looking for, then that's what you will find.)
    and if that's foolish for me to say it, so be it. after all, it's the internet, i could be a penguin in a human suit for all i know. :P

  7. What in god's name do you say to the police, then?

    if badness is what you are looking for, then that's what you will find.)

  8. What if you see a person begging for his life but they kill him on the spot on the road? Imagine you were that person.
    Youtube video (18+ please)

  9. invisiblemikey

    @100000 etc. ---

    Asking people to imagine themselves being killed is rather impolite, don't you think?

    Your question also misses the point of this thread. In the actual REAL world, you know, the one happening outside this collection of people fixated on screens and typing away - in that place - you take an action. In here, a non-real, limited simulation, you just talk about it, and you never even know who you are "talking" to.

  10. Raincoaster, you have to read reams of the stuff I've been immersing myself in since I started teaching in inner city settings.

    Jonathan Kozol, Cornel West, Mike Rose, Tim Wise. ..Jonathan Swift. . .

    The prison industrial complex, Constantinian Christianity, Western theology. ..

    If we would spend more proactive time addressing the problems of pain and poverty, the crime rate would go down by a trabilion percent.

    Instead, we just punish and punish and incarcerate and re-incarcerate to the point of insanity. (Why do we do this? Because the fatcats who own the jails make massive dollars from it. . .and we would rather punish as rehabilitate. ..check out the film "The Last Graduation" the story of how the Repubs banded together to shut down an educational rehab program in an East Coast prison, (I forget which one) "The thing is, society would rather see me incarcerated instead of educated."

    IMHO, love does conquer all. And a little goes a very long way!!! All you have to do is read the bios of hardened criminal types to know that lack of love creates a lot of suffering all the way round.

    ANd in saying that, I"m not saying we should live in a world without justice either. I am saying that the justice system we have now is broken and needs fixing!

  11. (am very passionate about this topic and love having my buttons pushed on it though. so thanks you guys! xoxo) :)

  12. Do you feel real when you are byping, Mikey?

    I know my heart is beating here inside my jammies. ..the cat is crawling up my leg and leaving little dribbles of blood in the meantime. ..

    Hath not a internet typer eyes, . ..? :)
    Hath not an internet typer eyes? Hath not an internet typer hands, organs,
    dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with
    the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
    to the same diseases, heal'd by the same means,
    warm'd and cool'd by the same winter and summer
    as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us,
    do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?
    If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that.
    If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility?
    Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his
    sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge.
    The villainy you teach me, I will execute,
    and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.
    (Act III, scene I) Shakespeare, The Merchant of New Jersey

    (and a very good example of the oppressed becoming the oppressor)

  13. "The villiany you teach me I will execute and it shall go hard but I will better the instrcution"

  14. invisiblemikey

    LOL Tess...I haven't byped much lately.

    I feel real when I'm outside, in motion, or when my skin sends info to my brain.

    Writing, like thinking, feels like a sort of altered state, an inebriation absent hangover.

  15. Yeah, I don't know. My butt is falling asleep ovah heah. .. I am hungry. ..and also my feet are getting cold. Time to go to put some real clothes on now!


  16. @invisiblemikey

  17. I don't have a problem with imagining myself that way. But then I am foolish! I have got a frozen butt and a cat crawling up my leg right now!

    (That's very topical too, seeing as how the headlines have a similar story. We need to be fearless more, just stop looking for trouble all the time.)

    I am a girl and not afraid to bust up a fight like that on one of my ornerier days. :) (My friends joke about it all the time. It wil probably get me killed that kind of craziness. ..but am famous for being a fool that way.) Just so you know it's not lip service on my part. But also to let you know I could kick your ass but would follow it up with a hug and a teddy bear. :)

  18. But I wouldn't do that last part really. It was just to get Mikey to laugh again. He has a nice smile. :)

  19. Trying to hide reality by denying it?

  20. Why don't you piss off, you malevolent troll? Nobody likes you, because you're such a horrible person.

  21. Damn, you guys do play hardball around here. I'm out of here. Have fun with that stuff.

  22. (It feels like McCarthyism, except it's trolls instead of witches this time. And ad hominem gone wild. )

    Seriously, I am very sorry to have gone against status quo here, or question the tribunal. would seem it's every poster for him/herself here and so be it. As Mikey said, life is nicer when people can't hide behind masks. You have proven your point.

  23. I'm not hiding behind any mask and I'm here to tell you when I saw you post this thread after the other one was closed I groaned out loud.

  24. That poster was talkiing about some heavy stuff. Someone claiming to be a teenager with serious emotional trauma problems. . .And if it was an underaged teenager with emo problems, as she stated, then good grief. . .why did they keep hammering at her until she came unglued?

    A teenager for crying out loud!

    I don't hang out here all that much, but that thread really upset me.

    All I could think was, dear god this is awful.

    Anybody can read that stuff, right? Including other abuse survivors. ..And what if that WAS an actual cry for help? All anyone seemed to care about was proving this person was a "troll."

    Do we only validate the pain of people who behave themselves? Off with their heads to anybody else who suffers abuse but can't qualify for canonization after the fact? Trauma survivors often do behave the way that poster did. .. and it's a good bet, troll or no troll, that that person behind the screen was an actual survivor of some kind of awfulness.

    And seriously, the thing where people got nasty was scary stuff! I groaned when I saw it, but for other reasons.

    Then I wrote the thread because the thing was upsetting.

    ANd now there's another thread where people have brought in that "troll" accusation stuff. ..and things are getting scary over there too. . .

    What gives? I mean, after this, I probably will just slink off and stick to writing my blog, but I had to say something.

    It looked like someone getting bullied to the point of insanity. And whatever it was, I don't know. ..I really felt awful for not saying anything. ..but especially not saying something about the fact people need to think about the bigger picture here. That might have been a child in need of help. ..troll or no troll, it was attention-seeking dysfunctional behaviour. ..

    But I guess if enough people start calling someone a troll, then it's ok to just have at that person until the mod comes and shuts it down?

  25. We had a suicide a few years back by a kid who was bullied on the internet. .it happens all the time. mask or no mask, words hurt.

    Just because you can't hear the tears or see the faces, it doesn't mean it didn't make an impact.

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