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What do you eat for breakfast?

  1. Momfog - snarky? I like the banter! And you're absolutely right about your assumptions of the British diet ;-)

  2. @tltcl What's wrong with "snarky?" It's one of my favorite words. And I know you like the banter, but I don't want anyone else to get the wrong idea. I'm a "nice" girl. Well, usually.

  3. lol... I am not proud of it but this am for breakfast I had an ice cream sandwich....

  4. This morning my breakfast consisted of three cigarettes, a can of Relentless (energy drink) and a chocolate bar. =/

  5. If I'm cooking, usually eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice... If I'm really cooking, I make home fried potatoes as well. If I'm cooking something fast, I make an Egg In a Hole which reminds me I need to add to my Cooking - Recipes Page on my blog, and a glass of Orange Juice. If I'm not cooking, maybe a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Milk, or Corn Flakes with a Banana.

  6. So when you're eating breakfast, do you also read the paper? If you do, here's something you can read while eating breakfast...

    The word “breakfast” originated in the 1400’s. It comes from the Latin ‘disjejunare,’ which means “to break the fast of the night.” People starting eating breakfast in the Stone Age. Supposedly. I don’t know how anybody would know this. I'm just telling you what I'm reading so don't ask me, okay. But supposedly, stones grounded up the grains and made porridge.

    That's it. That's all you get. Go back to your porridge!

  7. I'm laughing here. Spotted Dick and Treacle for breakfast??? Yikes!

    Breakfast, breakfast... hmm... it depends what I feel like eating and if I'm hungry or not. Any of these: bread with pate (no not the forcefed stuff), bread with marmite, bread with marmalade, eggs (rare. I mean it's rare for me to eat eggs for breakfast not that I eat my eggs rare...), black tea or fruit tea... oh all sorts of things.

  8. plasticdaffodils

    I eat threads like this for breakfast.

  9. i eat green berrets for breakfast

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