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What do you like the most about your blog(s)?

  1. Or is it just the fact you have full control over the content? :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They are mine. I created them, and I'm damn proud of them. One in particular
    Defying Leviticus.

  3. Mine saved my sanity

  4. It's an outlet for my creative side and it helps keep TeamO a little crazy. 8-P

  5. My blog doesn't contain substandard content. It's unique, because every single blog in my region is about harsh news, promoting terror.

  6. Mine takes out the trash and never needs to be asked twice to set the table. Also, it fosters my delusions.

  7. Longevity. I can quickly go years into the past and remind myself of things I did, how I did them and what I learned in the process. I can also pull up the comments that suggested alternative means of doing things, then shape what I do now based on the recorded experiences of the past. It's much more reliable than memory alone, plus I have the contributions of thousands of people.

  8. I like my blog because it presents photos plus accompanying real story and comments in 1 neat little time capsule pkg. that I can revisit. And I do. :)

    The blogs, even the ones I help another organization, are my creations.

  9. It listens to me without snapping back - and even lets me voice my opinions! It doesn't take out the trash yet, sadly. Perhaps a bribe of chocolate?

  10. Its free and light hearted. I ca post about whatever and no one judges me or snaps at me. I can always look back on the memories I posted

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