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What do you LOOK FOR in a blog?

  1. quixoticzephyr

    What drives you to patiently peruse others' blogs? Also, what turns you off?

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    The blog I need help with is

  2. I look for blogs that don't abuse ALL CAPS, and also don't spam forums.

  3. If they buy me dinner, I will return.

  4. good writing
    unusual subject matter or take on subject.
    a style or perspective all their own

  5. I love blogs that have writers who are willing to put in their own feeling about what they are writing about. It makes the read much more personal.

  6. fantasticloser

    I'm going to go with something that may sound odd at first, but it makes complete sense if you think about it....while drunk. I like really crappy writers because it makes my writing look better. My writing still looks crappy, but it looks much less crappy, but I emphasis, still irredeemably crappy.

    No, I think humor is always a good quality in a blog. Also honesty. I also like the writer to have a sense of intelligence. Basically I like everything I don't do.

    I find that I tend to like when people write about their life as opposed to specific subjects.

  7. Well in my case, minimal design, not too cluttered else I'll immediately move on, photos and witty commentary.

  8. Something with a bit of personality,
    aesthetically pleasing and just interesting really

  9. shopfrontsigns

    I am always interested in other peoples ideas and the way they live.
    Well written content helps.

  10. If I read someone's blog and think afterward, "What the hell was this person smoking?" then I will be returning. I like really creative styles and bizarre ideas.

  11. Cleverness. Above all, use of the blog as a way to express a societally relevant opinion in a creative way.

  12. something real. something random, funny, sad, smart, dumb, personal, professional, and from the heart. nothing scheduled. The kind of blog where one day you'll have this truly amazing, profound post, and then the next, a post about how bored someone is. Where if the writer goes missing, you check back daily, sometimes hourly, and if they don't post in a few days, start forming a search and rescue group!! a blog should be about opening up to people, which sometimes means revealing your retarded side once in a while. people hardly ever relate to 100% perfect, 100% boring blogs about all the charity work someone does. Charity's great and all, but when it all comes down to it, people like stupidity. And pictures. because a good 1/3 of America can't read well anyways.

  13. Something that's interesting with personality. Not just what they're thinking at the moment. I think everyone should try for it.

  14. highlyirritable

    I like to hear a blogger's "voice." I like full-tilt, out-loud personality.I like humour; especially in regards to a topic that may not be considered traditionally funny. And please, for the love of whomever you worship, please follow basic grammar rules and utilize the spell check function.

  15. shesboxingclever

    I like blogs with a personal touch, writers who put a personal spin on daily life. I love to read the ups and downs and the sways of an author making a discovery about themselves. I don't read "themed" blogs, tech blogs, blogs centered around things that anyone with a Google homepage could find at any time.

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