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What do you look for in a blog?

  1. Anything interesting to me...gorwing up, children, relationships, finding some one you know...every day life sorts of thigns. I HATE one topic blogs.

  2. I like personal blogs best, probably because i have one. I look for original (and good) writing, some girlie stuff, fashion, dating, that kind of stuff, but also deep insights & philosophical stuff about life etc. Obviously if something's well written and/or funny it will draw you to go back to time and again but I like it if i feel like I "know" the person writing it. I can get addicted to a great personality!

    Not too bothered about widgets/gimmicky stuff, hate the techie stuff, and news blogs bore me, unless there's additional interesting commentary to go with it. I always get the news myself from etc, or a newspaper anyway.

    I just don't see the point of blogs that just repeat information thats already out there..

  3. well sometimes information is repeated to reach out to a wider audience. the blogger also thinks his/her readers may appreciate it (assuming they haven't heard about it yet).

  4. Some blogs (like mine most of the time) are more like magazines than like personal journals. There are all kinds of blogs.

  5. defrostindoors

    See, I personally dislike most personal-type blogs; see the Blog Cliches topic for an expansion on why and how. I'm really not interested in some stranger's feelings about math class and why Jenni hasn't called tonight, frankly.

  6. I find most personal blogs to be uninteresting as well.

  7. I like blogs with content that interests me. I don't read blogs that always post articles that are already elsewhere, unless they also post good opinions about the articles.
    I don't care much about design and layout, as long as it's readable.

  8. It depends on the mixture between being a personal blog and having other stuff.

    I've been thingking a lot as to what to do with my blog lately. It started off as a personal blog, then moved to random stuff off the internet, then stuff about gaming [which I do a lot] and I just don't know what to do. Mix it all? Create 2 blogs [don't think I can be bothered with the work] or...?

    Some of you occasionally come past my blog, what do you think?

  9. Intrigue.

  10. @carocat
    I do visit your blog and I rather like the mix because I can choose whether to read this or that. In fact, although I'm not a gamer, reading your blog has meant that I have opened my mind somewhat towards gaming. At the very least I now know a tiny bit more than I did before.

    As for my own situation I started two "topical" blogs and now I'm thinking that one "kitchen sink" style blog may be the way to go. I feel myself moving away from environmental blogging and I find there are times I want to write on topics but I don't because they don't "fit" the blogs I have.

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