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What do you love & hate about YA novels

  1. What I love?
    That it's the perspective of young protagonist with maturity and creativity.

    What I hate?
    All the teen protagonists conveniently have a car. A nice one at that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are looking for a YA blog, I can recommend you:

  3. Thank you, it looks like a good site for YA reviews

  4. You're welcome! If you're interested in doing some guest posting, let me know:

  5. i will look at the blog and see

  6. I hate that they all have to have a romantic plot (or subplot) and that about 90% of them seem to feel required to include a love triangle.

  7. I love that they treat teens like actual people with feelings and emotions and whatnot, rather than some weird subhuman species.

    I hate that a lot of them seem to have rather shallow writing styles as compared to "real" novels.

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