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What do you think of the things that are being said about out President ?

  1. The idea of calling the President of the United States a communist or a racist is simply an unpatriotic thing,
    I did not like George Bush at all or any of his policies but would not think to even call him any of those things, People seem to think that the Bush administration kept us safe but people also forget that 911 happened on his watch,
    The crazy things that people are saying about the health issue is just incredible to me, we have elected officials that will intentionally scare people with lies for their own political gain.
    The question is why, is it political (yes) is it the money (yes)
    What do you think ?

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  2. Outside observer here, I'm an Aussie, but I'd suggest they'd be calling Obama a communist because he isn't anti-communist. I'm surprised they'd call him racist!

    I despise the Bush administration but would not blame him for having 911 occurring on his watch. It wouldn't be the first time political officials intentionally scare people with lies, and would suggest is generally as you said political power and greed.

    eg. Could the WMDs have been a lie that was used to scare people for political and financial reasons?

  3. Also, for future reference, questions like this would get a way better response

  4. I do believe that WMDs yes were a lie for the fact that after all these years none have been found,
    we did secure the oil wells though mission accomplished,
    I am not sure why we are there, there were so many reasons given over the last eight years that I'm not sure which one they want us to believe,

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  6. the problem with politics, is that it is political.

    the very structure of our political system has created incentive for lying and manipulation.

    i mean, the very fact alone, that the majority of people in congress are millionaires, speaks volumes. it takes money to become elected, and it takes money to be reelected.

    therefore, out the gate, our political system is already set up to favor the wealthy, educated and those with access to resources.

    so how do folks get $ to become elected? with donations, campaign contributions- all from folks who want something- a law, a policy, a bill. our politicians largely are bought. sure they can claim objectivity. but when Exxon gives money to your campaign, you are going to look at clean energy legislation a little differently.

    when big pharama or blue cross gives you money, you are going to look at health care differently.

    i could go on, but essentially deceit, manipulation, and money are at the heart of politics, and find their way into every political movement.

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