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What do you want for Christmas?

  1. So what do you want for Christmas? Or if you celebrate, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid al-Adha, or other Winter Holidays- what are you looking forward to?

  2. Well, I already bought my Acer Apisre One Netbook, so for Christmas, my family IS (WILL)(SHOULD) reimburse me by giving my a whole BUNCHA MONAYYYYYY!!!!!

    I also want a new car, thanks for asking. Oh and I want a hot boyfriend, one with an accent, and preferably who is sweet and caring, and did I mention HOT!!

    you ask what we want but you didn't say what you wanted douglaskev.

  3. A three acre place on the big island of Hawaii where I can have a big garden. And if it isn't too much to ask I'd also like a view of the ocean and of the mountains, but I'd settle for either if I can only have one view.

  4. World peace, for me, please?
    Though, a part of me believes so strongly that it is just not possible.

    You.. tsk, tsk, selfish selfish people. :P

    Actually, asides from that.
    I wanted to help out at this charity here called A room to read, and I didn't know how to apply, but my friends somehow managed. ^_^
    So I'm gonna be volunteering there. SO excited.

    What's a good present for a creative, athletic, talkative, funny, smart, annoying, and jumpy eight year old?

  5. Nintendo Wii or a blog to talk about his annoying jumpy self

  6. I think I'd be content with some time. :)

  7. Will Santa pay (give) me $800-1200 monthly for being such a good boy?

  8. lol i like that idea

    i would like all my student debt forgiven

    and my car loan paid off

    and all of the seasons of family guy/futurama on dvd ^_^

  9. I love Family Guy!
    But I've never watched Futurama. =.=

  10. Happiness

  11. I just want more friends on my Facebook... that's all... :-(

  12. I want to get settled in NYC, and stop the harried commute between Baltimore and there. I want my puppy's bad breath to go away before the holidays begin. I'm mortified for him to be around people, at this point. It smells like a dead animal got lodged in his throat, and is rotting. Oh, and I need socks and underwear.

  13. rofl

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