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What do YOU want in a blog?

  1. What would attract you to read a blog and come back to it often? What would make you a regular visitor? What are YOU interested in?

    I am starting a blog, it will be good. I just need to know what you guys want to see on a blog?

  2. What is your blog about?

  3. For starters:

    (1) A clean looking blog that is not characterized by lots of flashy and/or animated sidebar "tat".
    (2) Unique content written by the blogger (not text speak or bastardized English).
    (3) A front page of reasonable length that's not so bogged down with snap previews, images, embeds and so many posts that I fall asleep waiting for it to load.
    (4) An "About" page that gives me a short biography of the blogger and a statement as to what the blog is about.
    * Autoplay music will send me right out of the blog never to return.
    ** Links that open in new windows whether I want them to or not will also send me away never to return.

  4. I like a blog that has a strong sense of identity. If you have something to say, say it. I think that's probably going to bring you more readers than if you try to custom-tailor it for what the market wants.

  5. If you have pictures, use thumbnails out of respect for people with dial-up. But anything bigger than 400 - 500 pixels wide can usually drop your sidebar to the bottom of the page. And don't have thumbnails when clicked more than 3,000 pixels. Are people's computer screens that big that they need such large images??

  6. sweetcatastrophe

    Clean organization, simplicity, and I agree with raincoaster - identity identity identity. I love reading all sorts of opinions and confidence (not arrogance!) can be very appealing. Passion - no matter what the subject, poetry, photography, everyday thoughts or events - that can be easily conveyed through writing can speak volumes and I've met some blogs that I've become almost addicted to because of this! :)

  7. mencari semua teman dan menceritakan apa yang telah terjadi..

  8. Substance and quality writing. A blog should have lots of original content written by the blogger, unique to the blogger herself/himself and her/his life, written in a way that doesn't bore other people. Everyone can write, but only some write to engage readers.

  9. I have a real problem with moving, flickering, flashing artwork or ads. They insult the intelligence of serious adults and distract the reader from good solid content. I am dyslexic and I have to cover part of the screen to read the text when I encounter this annoyance, but Blogs do not appear to be nearly as bad as most regular Websites. I find having another individual's choice of music foisted upon me equally aggravating.

    I have discovered very interesting information on very simple, unassuming Blog sites, but I seem to stumble across them quite by accident. The problem I have found is finding the quality Blog sites that are of interest to me. Even if you have really important information to share, with well written posts, great subject matter and a genuine passion for the issues you write about, will I find your site?

    I have been watching my Blog stats for those telltale signs of life. How many visitors have actually managed to find my Blog? Sadly, there are not too many visitors yet. I do not know exactly how to improve the visibility of my site so that my pearls of wisdom do not go completely unnoticed. So here is my point: What if you created the best Blog site on the Web and nobody came? What does it take to get noticed around here?

  10. Here are some tips.
    (1) Link your username to your blog so when we click on it you get a blog hit and we bloggers will get to read some of "your pearls of wisdom".

    (2) Use the category tagging sytem and this will place your posts on the tag pages. That will bring you hits from bloggers looking by subject.
    Note that by changing the last word or category tag you can find blogs by the subject matter.

    (3) Locate other blogs on the same subject matter as your own by using Google blog search and leave meaningful comments.

    (4) Join social networks and related forums and promote your blog on them.

    (5) Be sure your blog is registered with search engines

    (6) Check out these tips

  11. Good grammar and not to much clutter. Conclusion's to arguments.
    Overall I want elementary English skills or above.

    Something to talk about or discuss would be nice as well.

  12. ...tempting...

  13. very ;)

  14. I'm with Timethief on auto-play music. It's one of the worst things to come across on a blog (or any website for that matter).

    Next is medteam's pet hate of flashing images and ads. I, too, cannot stomach the things.

    So if you have a blog with auto-play music and flashing images, you have absolutely no chance of getting me to read anything. Click, gone.

    I'm not that bothered by poor English on amateur blogs, provided there is some attempt at using paragraphs and punctuation. I can manage broken English, mangled English and dyslexic English if the content is worth the effort, but one long slab of unpunctuated text is unreadable.

    After that, a blog has to be unique, compelling and idiosyncratic, with the blogger engaging with their subject matter and not simply saying "look at this", before listing half a dozen phrases skimmed from elsewhere on the web.

  15. Well, I need the blog to be simple, clean and justified. Unfortunately, Opera is making problems and I can't very well blog in the simplified manner I want to. I like colour, but not too much. :)

  16. quite simply..the content. if it's something i like reading about, i'm likely to return.

  17. timethief: Ah, Firefox is making problems too. I can't seem to sign in at all, just brings me back to this password form page. I cancelled the popup blocker for wordpress sites, but, no pop ups ever showed up. I'll try the offline blog editor! :)

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