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What do YOU write about?

  1. just share!:)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My website is filled with letters to my hero. He had brought me out of depression about a little over a year ago. Ever since I've been writing to him. PLease give it a chance

  3. hollythestrange

    I write about... anything really. Socks, things that annoy me, random philosophy... or just pictures of fish.

  4. if i find what im writing interesting i tend to finish it,its my blogging motto.if not i drop the thought and change direction completely,random life lessons,experiences,how i view the world,and anime pics and art and music i adore
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  5. I only just joined and I will be writing anything I want... I already done two blogs and they are asking for advise and a diary but you can be sure to get anything to interesting/strange to boring! I might even put stories up as I love to write stories!

    so please read and tell me what you think! stories wont go on till I write them again - hopefully in few months when things slow down!

  6. I write about pretty much anything that stays within the realm of positivity. I don't want people to read my blog when they've had a bad day and just feel crappier than before...I want to improve it by my words and sayings that they'll be able to relate to in one way in other...and that requires honesty.

  7. i often write about things that i'm intresting in. and i also like to put photos in my blog to show YOU GUYS my view of my life / world.

  8. poetry and the pursuit and failure and attempts of happiness

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  10. I write for magazines ontopics such as fashion, fashion events, beauty, cosmetics, dating and general lifestyle. It took me a whole year to convince myself to write a blog as I knew, once I started, I would not be able to stop and this is the case! It's a fairly new blog, about a week... so i'm interested to know what others think apart from my editors! It's not just aimed at woman, I do get quite a bit of guys interested in the dating section and I even cover topics on male grooming.

    Please let me know what you think! :)

  11. I write about everything, and typically I include my own photos or graphics to help provide a visual. I've started a fiction novel, about a 30 year old woman, who has a fifteen year old daughter. The novel includes flashbacks to her being her daughters current age. What made me think of the novel was my friends who were teen moms. I wonder what it would like to be 30 with teenagers. Thus, Fifteen2Thirty was born.

    I want it to be an open community for others post blogs, submit pictures, and quotes, all which can be done via e-mail to: [email redacted]

  12. I write about whatever's on my mind when I sit down at wordpress. Mostly about family, friends, life and how i'm navigating my way through.

    Only started at the beginning of the year so just finding my feet!

  13. I mostly write about things that have deep moral connotations--usually about sobriety and recovery, but sometimes current events and/or social media also.

  14. I have started today writing letters - there is 3 letters on it (letter topics are on a page)
    I now started writing a story - introduction is now on the blog... (frankie's new life)

  15. I write about fish collecting, and keeping rare fish, generally under 5 inches and especially Apistogrammas. It is FULL of photos.

  16. I write about my thoughts and my life. Very ordinary, he.

  17. I started out saying that I'd cast an insider's eye on the the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between. But what I actually have is a hyper-local blog about Coney Island

  18. I'm new here so I'm just about to start my blog. It will be about another guy who became addicted to the World of Warcraft, completely ruined his life, and is trying to quit wow and get his life on track while being very shy because of social anxiety.

  19. theteapotperspective

    I'm brand new to WordPress, and new to France...and my blog started yesterday, details of my French life, as seen and heard by my lovely new red teapot!

    Am not altogether sure how to blog, or where I can read everyone else's blogs...I'm a bit of a technophobe!

    But hello anyway folks! Nice to meet you!

    PS: can you follow posters (in the same manner as Twitter?)

  20. just started my blog just a few days ago. so far just short post on my newest photography and things that make me smile. hopefully i can really get into this and start writing more

  21. I just write about this little thing called life, hence the title! It ranges from my own opinions of current affairs to dating disasters (lots of) and funny travel experiences. If something makes me laugh, then I write about it and hope that others enjoy the post. It seems to be working...

  22. I write about anything that's on my mind. And I have some photography on there :)

  23. All sorts of things,

    it's kind of like a crushed piece of paper that is slowly unfolding.

    I guess i have an opinion on things and it's voiced within my posts, but mostly it's reality meets fiction in the broadest sense. A bit of both, you have to wonder where one ends and the next begins.

  24. I am a writer and all the books I have written thus far are concerned with Africa where I lived and worked for many years. Naturally my blog pages reflect my writings. Have a look and see what you think.

  25. Stuff like this:

    Have you ever wondered who would win in a street gang war between 12 characters from 80s sitcoms and 12 characters from 90s sitcoms? Yeah? Really? I have too!!! Small world…

  26. I write about my everyday life, my dogs and my clothes. And photographing.

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  28. OOPS! that broken link above is to the blog linked to my username.

  29. My blog is a collection of rants/rambles/analyses of music, film and books.

  30. Well I'm new and I want to write about school and life in general. Kinda of a journey of how to succed (hoping I will) and how life gives you nasty things and boosts :) yeah and philisophical stuff. Hopefully someone reads it.


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