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What do you write about when your universe is empty?

  1. stephaniegarrett1

    What do you write about when you have writers block and you don't want to post random silly things?...Advice

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If "your universe is empty", I write about things that fill it up, give it some depth if you will.

    Open up Word and start typing away things that you feel, don't be scared to go into a stream of consciousness technique and see what comes out. Sometimes the "random silly things" turn out to be full of substance and meaning. Good luck!

  3. wordpress has an app that provides prompts to tackle with writers blocks. try it out too :)

  4. When my universe is empty, I start reading.

  5. Why not just write about emptiness?

  6. Try Plinky.

  7. stephaniegarrett1

    Hahahna wow those are all good. I guess I never thought of it that way. I will try and see what happens. Thanks! :-D

  8. Write about a memory. No one ever said writing a blog post has to be about something happening right now.

  9. When writers block hits me, I pay attention to things going on around me. I try to focus on one particular thing and write whatever comes to mind about what I am observing. I also read when writers block hits. Reading is an excellent way of getting your mind creatively thinking and usually leads me to my next blog topic.

  10. My blogs always start out random and silly, but I don't know if they evolve with substance. Visit me and let me know. Now, in terms of filling up an empty universe, there are lots of content (t.v., radio, internet, magazines and etc) that should give you ideas. Although you might just be filling up emptiness with a bunch of more emptiness ... we can all make something out of nothing can't we?

  11. I have lots of ideas for bringing an end to writer's block. They most effective one is to just start writing about anything and don't stop until you have at least 600 words. Then be prepared to trash that and start over because your brain will be "awakened" by then.
    Blogging Through Writer's Block
    Blog It! Writing Ideas Checklist
    Writers Block Exists No More;)

  12. stephaniegarrett1

    Thanks everyone for all of your tips, they are very helpful.. And thanks Timethief for those links! We'll see what happens ;-D.

  13. stephaniegarrett1

    Ok I got it I think.. I made a new post about this topic. Check it out.

  14. provide a link please. You can also connect your blog to your username.

  15. stephaniegarrett1

  16. If you can't think about things to write then write about why you can't think about anything to write about ;-) Did I confuse you?

  17. stephaniegarrett1

    Haha yes! But it's ok I know what you mean. ;-D

  18. paradoxicalwisdom

    I write these to share and fill the universe:

  19. @stephaniegarrett1
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blog.

  20. dribblingpensioner

    @stephaniegarrett1, go to dashboard / personal settings / account details / website and insert your blog url and save, that will make your name clickable instead of posting your blog url :)

  21. I recently went through this myself....

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