What does it cost to set up a new website and the upkeep running costs?

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    What does it cost to set up and host a new website on WordPress and then what will it cost yearly to just keep the domain name hosted?
    I’m looking at the $99 package at the moment, but I’m unsure as to whether or not I will need to pay this amount yearly or just the $18 domain upgrade?
    Blog url: http://ezydemosite.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is ezydemosite.wordpress.com.



    Just setting up a site and hosting is free. If you want some fancy upgrades like a custom domain, then the costs add up. If you already own the domain, it’s $13 a year for mapping. To buy the domain and mapping, it’s $18 together.

    Don’t buy the package if you don’t know what it contains or are unsure you need it.

    It costs nothing to start blogging. If you tell us your goals for the site, I can tell you what the appropriate upgrades, if any, will cost.



    Ok thanks for that, I am currently looking at creating a small website for a business owner who already owns his domain name and will just need to re-map it.

    He will only need to make small changed to his pages and upload small images to display what he sells.

    What extra features do you think this sort of website would require?

    Thanks :)



    He will not be able to do ecommerce here. He will need to get paid web hosting and install software from WordPress.ORG. WordPress.COM doesn’t work for ecommerce at all.



    I have downloaded WordPress.org and used this and ran it off mamp from home before so I am familiar with this.

    How much would I be looking at to get this website hosted for an ran considering the domain name just needs to be mapped?
    Can I get this hosted and running by wordpress itself or do I need to get it hosted by another company?





    You cannot use a WordPress.com blog and just map the domain to it. You must find a commercial web host and all the help for that is over at WordPress.ORG. Figure $15 a month and up, depending on traffic and so on.

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