What does it mean “Sorry this site is reserved”?

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    Hi. I’m trying to start up a new blog and the name I want to use seems to be taken. However, when I search WordPress for it all I get is a message saying “Sorry this username and site is reserved.” But there’s no sign of that blog using that name. What does that mean? Is it possible for a site to be “reserved” and not show up?

    I’m thinking that the person who took the name might actually be me. I may have tried this years ago but since lost any record of it.

    Anyway, I was thinking if I could understand this “reserved” thing, I might be a step closer to figuring it out.

    Please, help! (Don’t you hate when people say that?)



    It’s possible someone has signed up for an account to comment or whatever but haven’t created a blog yet. If they decided to create an account by default their url would be their account name I think.



    You may create the name of famous brand or website,such as coco cola,microsoft etc.They can’t be create for misunderstood by other users.
    Just a guess.

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    Reserved? I’ve never seen that before. Hmmm.



    Reserved is as shane3x says. Contact Support with all the details. It might – but no promises – be possible to free the name.

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