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What does it mean to get a WordPress follower with no blog URL?

  1. I'm rather unfamiliar with the procedures for following blog. Generally, I never even think of this until someone follows me. Then WordPress automatically suggests that I follow them, and I make a choice.

    But what about those (for me rare) cases when a "Wordpress follower" signs up without providing a blog URL. How does WordPress even know that such a follower is a WordPress member? I would presume that WP detects the membership because the new follower is logged in. But how then, and why, am I prevented from obtaining the new follower's blog URL presuming it exists?
    Blog url:

  2. You don't need to have a blog to have an account at WordPress.COM - also not everyone links their name to their blog - some people do it deliberately and others are not sure how to link a blog to their name

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