What does it mean to get a WordPress follower with no blog URL?

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    I’m rather unfamiliar with the WordPress.com procedures for following blog. Generally, I never even think of this until someone follows me. Then WordPress automatically suggests that I follow them, and I make a choice.

    But what about those (for me rare) cases when a “WordPress follower” signs up without providing a blog URL. How does WordPress even know that such a follower is a WordPress member? I would presume that WP detects the membership because the new follower is logged in. But how then, and why, am I prevented from obtaining the new follower’s blog URL presuming it exists?
    Blog url: http://songbook1.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is songbook1.wordpress.com.



    You don’t need to have a blog to have an account at WordPress.COM – also not everyone links their name to their blog – some people do it deliberately and others are not sure how to link a blog to their name



    Thanks, auxclass.

    This is the last forum question I’ve asked to which there has been a response. I wonder if I am being blocked for some reason. Not having your support requests responded to for a few weeks might be explained. However, how do you explain the fact that today I have had three consecutive support requests immediately closed, with the incorrect description “Started 42 years ago by” myself.

    Others have encountered this issue, which is described in the following thread


    as a “rogue glitch that occurs from time to time. ”

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