What does "Liked your Post" mean?

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    I got an e-mail of a notification of someone liking my blog. How does someone “like” my blog? I don’t see a “like” button on the page. The notification had a gratuitous comment that I found confusing: “They thought [Post Title] was pretty awesome. You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!” First I thought my friend had written this as a quoted comment. I wondered who the “They” was that she was writing about. Anyway it was kind of silly because my friend and I are not of the generation who use the word “awesome” regularly. Also, does WordPress “know” that my friend has a blog (I don’t think she does) or does WordPress expect me to go running off searching for one?

    The blog I need help with is cdmcclellan.wordpress.com.



    Click on the header of any post and scroll down, you’d find the “Like” button at the end of your post.

    Whenever someone “likes” the post, WordPress sends an automated message like the one you received.

    Also, if the person that “liked” your post logged in through a wordpress account, you can see his/her/their wordpress by clicking on the username.



    Sadly, just also be aware that “Likes” have been gamed by sp^mm3rs trying to get your site visitors to click their gravatar and visit their spammy sites via their gravatar profile. As a result, many of us long-time community members have turned off “Likes” under Dashboard>Settings>Sharing.

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