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What does love feel like for you?

  1. I think i'm in love. i've never felt like this before... how does love feel for you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *sigh* Hmmm how should I explain? I feel like those chibi people from anime/mangas. One second my eyes are hearts next I'm blushing then I'm burning from the inside. But most of the time I feel like laughing.

  3. ice cream, definately feels like ice cream.

  4. i've never done it, but i'd imagine that skydiving feels much the same as falling in love. at first you're scared to shit, and the next you're laughing hysterically, whether from lack of oxygen or pleasure, it has yet to be determined. that's what i think love feels like.

  5. It's like being run through a cheese grater on fire.

  6. While kicking and screaming...

  7. LMAO nyctitropist!

    I think being in love, for me at least, is the feeling of comfort (yeah, I bore me too!). I knew my husband and I were in love when I was to able to stop trying so damn hard to impress. I became completely comfortable to be myself... poor sod didn't know what he'd let himself in for!

  8. love is a battlefield.
    heart ache to heart ache we stand.

  9. I have that song on my iPod.
    "No promises no demands, love is a battle field"

  10. lol...

  11. Have you heard Closer to Fine by the indigo girls? It’s really good. Oh sorry I’m not going to be of help here, I’ve never been in love or even in courtship :/

  12. you're lucky. it goes from pure heaven to hell on earth in seconds flat.

  13. Yes well, I suppose I was born lucky then wasn't I? (That was so laden with sarcasm it wasn't funny)

  14. like pie.

  15. some say that if you have to ask, youre probably not in love. i asked cause i wanna know how others feel, but i know for a fact that im in love. you feel like they're your other half. they're everything you're not and thats why they complete you. you stop thinking about any other guy/girl & when you kiss you forget where you are or who's around you. you give them a part of yourself that you didnt even know existed & any little thing they do wrong makes your stomach flop and your eyes water up even though you know you're overreacting. its completely irrational. its completely comfortable. its beautiful. they become your best friend & the only person you ever want to touch & be touched by. you think about them & you dont even realize that you're smiling. you miss them even if you just saw them the day before. you can sit with them in perfect silence & it wont feel awkward. they can look at you without you feeling the need to look perfect. youre not afraid to say stupid things or be ridiculous. personally, i dont feel butterflies all the time, but when i do i cant help but bouce when i walk & just smile & smile. you dont want this person to change even if there are some things that bug you about them, thats who they are. you understand that and its part of why you like them. basically your life becomes cheese and corn...and you find yourself writing something like this even though you'd never thought you'd be able to.

  16. crookedcrochet

    It's only amazing if it's mutual.

    You can be deeply in love with someone who doesn't love you back and then it's agony.

    A beautiful agony, but agony nonetheless.

  17. universalandparticular

    Love has many faces, tastes and forms....maybe my 'Dreamlover site' is not exactly
    how you imagined love but still it is...

  18. The best example of being in love.....(See the movie: City of Angels) There is an angel who first wonders what it's like to feel something (like the wind because angels didn't have any emotions or feelings). Then he discovers a lady, not just any lady, one he falls in love with. She loses a patient and cared so much for them that she started crying endlessly. The angel, Seth, then trys to stop her crying and tells her that it wasn't her fault. Then throughout the movie, he begins questioning if being an angel is worth it... or fall and become human and fall in love. Seth and the doctor begin falling for each other, although she is engaged to another doctor. Then, finally he decides to fall and he takes a long journey to go see her. At the end when Maggie (the doctor) dies, his angel friend, Cassiel, asked Seth if it was worth falling for Maggie, and he said, "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.."

  19. I agree with toaster, laughter is a big key for me. I want to laugh with my wife all the time. I guess its because I'm happiest when I'm laughing with her.


  20. Love feels unreal. It's like some destined joke at times.

  21. Love is more than a feeling. Love is compromise, understanding,
    love is pushing through when it's hard and you just want to give up.
    Love is being reminded constantly that the other person compliments you in a
    way that no one else could ever match. Love is a Struggle, and it
    can also be the easiest thing in the world. Love is when you know in your heart
    that it is right, and you have no hesitation with it. Love is indescribable, you have to experience it to understand it. So in a way, you will never be able to comprehend it from what each of us has told you.

    Love is a business, and once you've had a taste, it's the
    business of confusion.

    Love,(winky face)

  22. It is very hard to explain. I have been in love for 20 years. When you place all of your love and devotion into your relationship and never get tired or bored, you are in love.

  23. Me gusta leer libros y jugar hackeysacko.

  24. Love is not about gain.

    It's about giving. Of course, gain is a product of love. But we have to take that first step to give.

    Love is not all about fuzzy feelings. At times it's gritty and difficult. But it's so worth it.

    Love is more than just a feeling. As humans, our feelings are subject to dip and rise. If love were as inconstant as our feelings, we'd be in such deep trouble.

    Love is about being vulnerable. It is about sacrificing for someone with no personal gain in mind. It's hard to love some people, but love sees through flaws.

    Love is what makes us drive through icy conditions to pick someone up. Love does not judge. Love is being fair, although you may be biased.

  25. heaven

  26. I am no longer certain I know what true romantic love is or feels like. I'm 62 y/o and been involved/in love a number of times over the decades since I first became attracted to the opposite sex. Been married twice and am not now married. I do believe in true love, but have given up having it in my life. I love my friends, my family, my dog, my home, my career, my country, my fellow Vietnam vets, etc. Yet, I find the 'doing' of a husbandly love, consistent, unconditional, open, transparent is also elusive and like a vapor - gone now. So I accept that I cannot experience the true, profound, romantic kind of love for a woman. While I am a bit saddened by this reality, the sadness is overshadowed by the loves I DO have in my life, including God's love.

  27. It feels like security to me. I feel totally safe. I'm free to open up all of my thoughts and feelings towards him without any inhibitions..... I can be myself around him- he's seen me at my best and my worst. It feels like family- like this is just how it's supposed to be......It's like give and take and I don't think I could ever truly love someone who doesn't love me- it's not complete that way- real love is feeling totally complete. Of course, this is my opinion.....

  28. pecan pie

  29. a sentimental attachment to another being.


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