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What Does "Meta" mean? ... It's very disconcerting not knowing meanings of terms

  1. It's a potent 'turn-off' to non-techno types continually striking special terms that are not understood. I'm a novice in WordPress and finding it very difficult to understand navigating administration functions - I cannot even readily print Help/Support instructions to enable easy reference/study later on or when actually performing admin activities !!!... Can you suggest a more commonly understood term than "Meta" to appear in our blog's sidebar? ... thanks much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. "About the blog" or "Administration".

  3. ... both would be terrific ! ...

  4. You can actually change the title of the meta widget if you wish. Go to appearance > widgets, click on the right end of the blue meta widget title bar to open it and type in your own title, click "save" and when the spinning donut disappears, click the "close" link.

  5. ... Yeh, but what would I change it to ??? ... "Tools", "Special Functions", "Miscellaneous", "Admin", ??? ... btw, thanks for the directions on how to change "Meta" ...

  6. Whatever would make sense to you. Admin or Administration would see appropriate.

  7. ... okay I'll change it to Admin ... ... but if anyine reading this "chat" actually knows what "Meta" means I would still appreciate knowing what it means ??? ... tks to thesacredpath again, ... happy blogging to all !!! ...

  8. "Metadata (meta data, or sometimes metainformation) is "data about other data", of any sort in any media."

    When I use the widget I prefer "TCB".

  9. ... tks featherseeds, but did you have to introduce another mysterious term !! ... ... what does TCB stand for ??? ... also note when I tried to change Meta per thesacredpath advice I couldn't see how to change it, only "remove" and "close" options !!! ... help !!!

  10. When you open the meta widget, there should be a "title" field.

  11. Oops, Kubrick does not have the title field in the meta widget. I'm surprised. I though all widgets were standardized here.

  12. ... No, simply the msg "There are no options for this widget" ... or something to that effect ... Note the other widgets do have a title field ! ... anyway, now that I have some idea what "Meta" means at least I can explain it to others and move on ! ... tks again ! ...

  13. TCB, baby: Takin' Care of Business. It's an Elvis thing.

  14. ... sorry feartheseeds ... the transposition of the "r" was truly unintentional ... I just misread your 'screen' name too quickly ... ... can you tell me what TCB means now ??? ...

  15. ... got it ...

  16. Totally okay, I get that a lot... it's like a Rorschach test. "fear the seeds" was part of a college project... we had to market a product and mine was a religion: praise the grapefruit, fear the seeds.

  17. ... interesting ! ... tks, ...

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