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What does my blog have a sudden rash of visits to an "unknown landing page"?

  1. I've seen this term now and then in my feedjit logs, but suddenly in the last few days I see it all the time. What does it mean when somebody visits or attempts to visit an "unknown landing page" on your site? Can the page, post, image, etc. be identified?

    Of my last 50 visits, for example, 12 are to an "unknown landing page." Thats 25%. Perhaps this can help to explain why my daily visits rapidly dropped over 30% from June 26 to June 30. Looks like it will be a bit higher today than yesterday but it will still be more than 20% below my average for June.

    I did recently delete a post a couple of days after publishing it. But my new posts never get 12 visits in a couple of hours. They might get 10-15 visits in the first 24 hours, mostly from followers, but it is now the fifth day since it was published and the third day since it was removed.

    I experienced a similar issue a couple of months ago when I changed the hierarchy of an index of internal links to galleries on my site. These were 404 errors, and thousands of images had been given new addresses by my hierarchy modification. Nothing similar to that occurred in the present case
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  2. 24% to be precise.

  3. Feedkit is a third party stats tracker. Have you asked there?

  4. Oops! I meant to type "Feedjit".

  5. And I meant "Why does my blog have..." When does WordPress get spell check on the support form? (Yes, I see it on this form. That's good.)

    No. But I'm doing so now. Thanks.

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