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What does "permission denied" in the "views by country" box mean?

  1. On my stats page, in the views by country frame, there is a red box that says "Permission
    Denied." What is this?
    Blog url:

  2. thistimethisspace

    Are you using an IE browser? If so try using Firefox or Chrome and the issue may be resloved.

  3. thedogwalkinggardener

    thanks I'll try that

  4. You're welcome and I do hope it works for you. If it doesn't then log in using the https:// secure login
    see >

  5. thedogwalkinggardener

    You are a star! thank you, I've now followed the steps and saved the changes. One more brick in the wall of my learning!

  6. writebonnierose

    Thank you all--you just solved a very puzzling problem for me!

  7. You're welcome. :)

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