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What does "Press This" mean???

  1. catherinemorgan

    At the top left hand side of my site it says "Press This". What does that mean??? What does this do???

    Obviously I'm new....thanks for any help.

  2. I've been seeing that too, afraid it might give me a spook or something so I just ignore it.

  3. Try it! ;)
    It adds the blog you are currently viewing to a post in your own blog.


  4. catherinemorgan

    Thanks.....I'll try it.

  5. @magnox
    When I'm creating a post I'm not looking at any other blog. I'm on the admin side of my blog looking at a "write post" page. When I am viewing my blog I see a "press this" on the nav bar but not when I'm on the admin side of my blog. So I don't understand what you mean. Could you explain that again please?

  6. Press It is a shortcut that you can save as a favorite to your browser. It allows you to copy over the URL and the title of the webpage that you are looking at into your blog. If you highlight any text on that page, it will also copy that over into the text field for the post.

    Hope this helps,

  7. i've always wondered what's that about. i'm not sure how useful it is though after drmike described it. does anyone use this?

  8. I used to. Since I was using all of those library computers, I had to keep loading it every time.

    Some posters over in land swear by it.

  9. So, Dr Mike, you're saying it's something of use to a referrer/link blog like mine? In other words, when I'm WordPress-surfing and I see something neato, I can hit Press This and I'll automatically be started on a blog post referring back to the original one I saw?

    That would be huge. Is it indeed so? (forgive me, I've had three glasses of Aussie "Procrastinator" Cabernet Franc, so I'm somewhat slow)

  10. Thus far the only explanation I think I may understand is raincoaster's. The rest sailed right past me.

  11. suezannecbaskerville

    Is there any way to make it go away, or to make it say something more sensible and less cutesy than "Press This"?

  12. So, Dr Mike, you're saying it's something of use to a referrer/link blog like mine? In other words, when I'm WordPress-surfing and I see something neato, I can hit Press This and I'll automatically be started on a blog post referring back to the original one I saw?

    Yes. The big thing to remember is to mark out teh text you want to include before hitting that Favorites link. There's a writeup on it in the codex if you want to check it out.

    Sue, you would have to ask staff that directly via a feedback. You're not required to use it and it's a much used feature with regular wordpress'ers.

  13. O that! I just absorbed that you mean the "Press It" bookmarklet at the bottom of the write page.
    WordPress Bookmarklet
    Right click on the following link and choose "Add to favorites" to create a posting shortcut.
    Yes I use "Press It"

    I thought we were talking about that "Press This" found on the front of the blog on the blue nav bar to the left of "Blog Info".
    Does it do the same thing?

  14. Hmmm, too many support tickets and emails recently.

    A quick test shows that it works the same as the bookmarklet thingie found on the Write Post page. That's what I was thinking the OPer was asking about. The 'Press This' is located at the upper right in the blue bar on IE7 for me. I saw left and was thinking it was the bookmarklet thingie that they were discussing.

    Sorry for teh confusion.:)


  15. @drmike
    NP what with the headaches because I can't see straight because can't afford my glasses yet and the medication for the headaches that tends to make me stupid, I am also suffering from confusion these days too.

  16. I just tested it and, while it's a useful feature, I'm not thrilled with the formatting. The title of the post is automatically the title of the source post, plus <<<< and the name of the source blog. And it's a bit messy in the body of the post, requiring a lot of editing. Still, it does save one step, so I may use it in future.

  17. I don't know

  18. You don't know what?

  19. Even after reading all of this, I still don't understand what the heck "Press This" is, so I guess I'll just leave it alone... I'm too skeerd to click on it... >.<

  20. Actually clicking it won't do anything. If you right click on the link, and choose the Bookmark Link option, it will save that short cut to your Bookmark list.

  21. When i click on "Press This" (not the bookmarklet on the write page), all it does is open the write page in my main blog. There is no information about the page i was previously on or anything (even if i highlight some text or whatever before clicking on it).

    The bookmarklet, on the other hand, looks like it would be totally useful.

    Just my 2¢

  22. @judyb12
    I have every one of my blogs bookmarked for log-in via the bookmarklet found at the bottom of the write page. It's very handy and I never have the log-in problems that some others are experiencing.

  23. Since Mac's don't have 2 mouse buttons (unless you get a 3rd party mouse), I will explain what I see with the "press this" button in the Nav bar (blue admin bar). In Safari, while viewing a blog (say drmike's blog), you push the button and it opens up the 'create post' page in my admin and does nothing because I use the 'pop up' blocker. It works if I add as a trusted URL.


  24. Okay...I read through all of this and I still have no idea what the Press This button does. I did it, and it took me to my Write Post page, so I wrote a post. Once I hit "Submit", my post disappeared and seems I can't find it anywhere now. Can someone please clarify this for the all the WordPress newbies out there? Thanks!

  25. To find the post look here -> Manage -> Your Drafts

    As for the explanation of what it is, I don't use it so I'll leave that for another blogger to answer.

  26. Browser and OS please and I'll give you a walkthru.

  27. OK drmike - I'll pick this up.

    I'm in my main site page that shows me the current posts as others would see them. I use the wee arrow at the top right-hand corner that takes me to a random post.
    I highlight some text in the random blog, or the URL in the search bar and hit "Press This" The browser whirs for a moment, then a new post page arrives, but the posting feild is empty. If I type something and post, it comes up with just what I typed.

    Using Firefox and Win2k.

    Walk me? Please? :)

  28. bloggersanjida

    i am new at wordpress. i pressed press this several times. and it linked one of my blogs to another one. but i want to remove the links. how do i do that? please help. seeing the same link so many times is tedious.

  29. I read through all these posts and can´t understand why someone with superior knowledge has not provided a straight forward reply that someone else has been able to get to work . . . what gives with this button?

  30. The simple answer when it comes to buttons that initiate actions you do not understand is we learn by doing ... press it! {humor}

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